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Synopsis for "The Deadly Victory!"

Continued from last issue... When the Grey Gargoyle attacked Stark Industries in order to obtain a cobalt weapon to defeat Thor, he found himself in a battle with Iron Man. However the Gargoyle had managed to turn Iron Man into stone and toss him from a building.
Quick thinking, Jasper Sitwell manages to get a dump truck filled with sand to catch Iron Man's body to prevent it from shattering when it hits the ground. While the Gargoyle retrieves the cobalt weapon, Iron Man returns to normal and, with Jasper in tow, confronts the Gargoyle one more time.
Although Iron Man manages to knock the cobalt device from the Gargoyle's hand, Jaspers well meant attempt to retrieve the device allows the Gargoyle to reclaim it. Following him outside, Iron Man attempts one last try and stopping the Gargoyle. Fed up of fighting, the Gargoyle then tries to unleash the power of the cobal device, but Iron Man uses his chest transmitter on a certain frequency that makes the cobalt weapon to short circuit.
The device causes the Gargoyle to be restored to his human form and he is quickly addrested, however the stunt also causes strain on Iron Man's heart and he passes out. Arriving on the scene, Jasper decides that he must save Iron Man's life and is about to remove Iron Man's helmet... This story is continued next issue...

Appearing in "To Be Reborn!"

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Synopsis for "To Be Reborn!"

Continued from last issue... Following Captain America's retiredment, people all over New York have been dressing up as the hero in hopes of becoming his replacement, additionally he has become a target of every criminal now that his secret identity has become public knowledge.
SHIELD then inacts an intricate plan to not only convince Steve Rogers to become Captain America once more, but in order to stop a sniper from killing Steve Rogers. After the whole episode, Steve agrees to resume his identity of Captain America.

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