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Dragons arrive and sent out a veil, which turns people into monsters. The only ones unaffected, are said to be virgins, which are also the only ones able to approach a dragon without being detected.

For this reason, the Order of the Dragon Guard exist, training young women to be knights, in order to slay dragons.

Book 1

The first book tells the story of the knight Jaina who along with her squire Ellys are sent to slay a dragon. They arrive in a town built within a waterfall, spells used to warp the waterfall around it.

They then continue onward to their destination, and are attacked by bandits, which they easily kill. Two children are left, brother and sister. She tells the girl to travel to the Order, mention she is a virgin, and join them, and to kill her brother instantly if he starts to change.

As they rest in a cave to escape the heat, the horses they left down below them are eaten by monsters who suddenly appear and devouring them down to their bones.

Traveling onward on foot, they find a monastery, which to their surprise has people unchanged living within, although no one seems to know why they are unaffected. They wait until the following day for a scouting party to return, so that they might use their horses to get to the dragon. Ellys is given some wine that night to help her sleep, and ends up being raped.

The next day they arrive at the dragon's lair, sending their male escorts away, less the dragon know their arrival. One man follows them, determined the dragon must be slain by man, not a woman, and wearing the skin of the previous member of their order sent to slay it, thinking that would keep the dragon from smelling him. Jaina kills him in self defense.

Ellys admits she is not a virgin anymore, and the dragon can thus sense their location. Jaina is soon killed as the dragon appears, but Ellys manages to slay it.

Solicit Synopsis

No one knows why dragons have appeared in this word of heroes, but their very presence is re-shaping reality. Their influence destroys everything, transforming men and beasts into monsters: a curse known as the Veill. Only virgin women are free of this curse and can get close enough to these terrors to kill them. And so, the Order of the Dragon Knights was created. Trained from childhood, they fight against all odds, including a world that refuses to accept them as women of power, the very same society they swore to protect. They fight to the death, because if they don't, their entire world is doomed.

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