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Synopsis for "Inner Demons"

Set as a prelude to Johnny Storm restoring the memory of Namor, the story follows John Mahoney a homeless alcoholic who saves the life of Namor. Since Namor has amnesia everyone refers to him as The Old Man and give John his ring as a thank you. The two become close friends, both looking out for each other, John from the alcohol and the Old Man from the brawls he ends up in. The Enforcers then show up to the boarding house they're staying at, under the pay of Norman Osborn to clear the place out, the old man attempts to fight them off and the first sign of of strength is shown to John.

They however run away in the end an later that day have an argument over John's alcoholism and John leaves contemplating selling the ring but as he's waiting outside the pawn shop he realises who the Old Man really is and has a change of heart and returns to Namor. The two reconcile and return to the boarding house to find another homeless person has been murdered by the enforcers, so both vow revenge and destroy the construction equipment. The next morning John races to remove any fingerprints from the destroyed equipment that could implicate them, just as Johnny Storm arrives. As he arrives to the site he bumps into Norman and the enforcers who try to beat the information out of him on the old man, with John proclaiming he will never reveal Namor's secret, while at the same time, Johnny is returning the memories of Namor.

Nearly beat to death, John returns and finds his friend gone but he vows to return the ring. Weeks later, Namor returns to claim the ring which is his Seal of Government. After some apparent hostility Namor leaves with the ring and John turns his life around and returns to being the pilot he was before the alcohol.


  • This issue takes place at the time of Fantastic Four #3 (fight with the Monster from Mars) and Fantastic Four #4 (Johnny helps Namor recover his memory).
  • Newspaper headlines mention the defeat of the Mole Man[1] and the appearance of Spider-Man.[2]

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