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Appearing in "The Resurrection of Papa Jambo"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Dramabu the Death-Lord (First and only known appearance; dies)
  • Papa Jambo (Resurrection) (Death)
  • Zombies

Other Characters:

Synopsis for "The Resurrection of Papa Jambo"

In Haiti, a being known as Dramabu the Death-Lord is using his voodoo powers to raise the dead. While in New Orleans, Brother Voodoo is visited by Loralee Tate who has come to thank Brother Voodoo for saving her life. Her father shows up as well, and making no effort to hide that he doesn't think highly of Brother Voodoo or his culture, comes to bring Voodoo a letter that was delivered to him at the police station from Haiti.

Reading the letter, Brother Voodoo learns of a the zombies that have been risen in Haiti from an old friend and he and Bambu rush from the house to go to Haiti. As they fly to Haiti, Voodoo's friend Sarah Le Jeune's home is attacked by zombies (one of which includes her six years dead husband) they kill Sarah and kidnap her daughter for Dramabu.

When Brother Voodoo arrives, he realizes that he's too late but is able to track the zombies and Dramabu to a nearby grave yard. He arrives to see that Dramabu intends to sacrifice the girl so that he may gain power to crush the institutions that he believes are ruining Haiti and destroying it's culture. With his powers growing, Dramabu finally raises the one dead person who resisted his power: Papa Jambo.

Brother Voodoo then attacks, using the soul of his brother to aid him against the army of the undead. However, he is over powered, and is forced to use his mastery over fire to destroy the zombies. This gives Dramabu a chance to make an escape, and try to get the Papa Jambo zombie to kill the girl. Brother Voodoo arrives in time to send out his brothers soul to stop the Jambo-zombie from killing the girl.

Dramabu then sends another horde of zombies against Brother Voodoo, and during the fight the girls father regains his own mind. He tells Brother Voodoo that the zombies are only meant to slow him down so that Dramabu can kill the girl, and that he doesn't intend to use the power he will obtain for the "good causes" he purports to uphold, but to use the power for his own personal gain. Brother Voodoo then sends out his brothers soul a third time, this time possessing the body of the girl.

This gives Brother Voodoo time to once more destroy the zombies about him, and stop the struggle between the possessed girl and Dramabu. Going to the girls aid sends Dramabu off the edge of a cliff to his death. Brother Voodoo is later joined by Bambu, to whom he tells that there is much more he can learn from the spirit of his dead brother.

Appearing in "Eye For an Eye, Tooth For a Tooth"

Featured Characters:

  • Dr. Frank Harris


Other Characters:

  • attendants
  • Breitman
  • Dr. Cummins

Synopsis for "Eye For an Eye, Tooth For a Tooth"

When a strange dead body is brought to the hospital, Harris, an intern becomes very interested in this strange cadaver. He finds on it's person a business card for Nostradamus Personnel Agency, in investigating the mans strange death, he is haunted by images of zombies and the dead rising from their graves. He eventually goes to the Nostradamus Personnel Agency and finds that it is run by the devil himself, who claims Harris' soul.

Appearing in "Malaka's Curse"

Featured Characters:

  • Malaka


  • Henri Ravenau
  • Paula Ravenau

Other Characters:

Synopsis for "Malaka's Curse"

When an innocent man is put to death on the electric chair, the judge who sentenced him to death's cold and biased opinions garner the anger of Malaka, a Voodoo practitioner. She raises an army of zombies to terrorize and capture the judge and his wife and give them a taste of their own medicine: Death on an electric chair.

Appearing in "Grave Business"

Featured Characters:

  • Hoag (grave robber) (Death)
  • Loathtode (grave robber) (Death)


Other Characters:

  • Dr. Shrewsbury
  • Ephram Phyre (Mentioned)


  • unnamed cemetery


  • Necronomicon‎

Synopsis for "Grave Business"

Two grave robbers meet a grisly end when the dead rise from their graves to get revenge on the two men who have been defiling their graves.

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