Appearing in "Vandoom"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:




  • Gamma Gun


  • Spaceship

Synopsis for "Vandoom"

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The owner of a Transylvanian wax museum named Vandoom sets out to build a new monster in order to bring customers back to the museum. A lightning bolt brings the creature to life, but despite the fearful attacks of the villagers, it is not hostile and does not strike back. An invasion force of Martians lands and Vandoom convinces his creation to attack them. The wax figure defeats them, but the effort drains the life force out of it.

Appearing in "Beware of the Ghastly Glass"

Featured Characters:

  • Old Man
  • Bruno

Other Characters:

  • Shopkeeper



  • Wishing Glass

Synopsis for "Beware of the Ghastly Glass"

Tales to Astonish Vol 1 17 020.jpg

An old man searches for an enchanted crystal that will grant four wishes. When he finds the curio shop owner that possesses the crystal, the owner does not wish to give it to him because the wishes turn against whoever wishes. The old man will not be denied, and pulls a gun firing a shot that wings the owner as he attempts to flee with the crystal. The old man mocks the fool as weak, since he has had years to think of wishes that could not possibly turn against him, he wishes to be twenty years old, a long life, freedom from imprisonment, and to be the richest man in the world. Since he did not specify which world, he finds himself a twenty year old man on the moon surrounded by gold bars.

Appearing in "I Dared to Enter the Haunted Room"

Featured Characters:

  • Mr Smith



  • Bismuth Nuclear Bomb

Synopsis for "I Dared to Enter the Haunted Room"

A scientist creates a bomb powerful enough to destroy the earth and decides to threaten the planet to receive power, he looks for a place to hide it and eventually finds a old house with a room people believe is haunted and don't dare to enter. The man stashes the bomb into the room only to discover it's truly haunted when he's turned into a ghost.


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