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Appearing in "X The Thing That Lived!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Marvel Comics
    • Editor


Other Characters:

  • US Navy Intelligence
  • US Airforce



  • Typewrite

Synopsis for "X The Thing That Lived!"

Tales to Astonish Vol 1 20 001.jpg

A writer buys an enchanted typewriter that brings his monster stories to life. First he writes of a sea serpent and is visited by navel intelligence who want to learn how he got wind of classified information. They search his apartment, but not finding anything, they chalk it up to coincidence. Later, the writer creates a story about a two-headed flying creature and is visited by the air force. They, too, wish to know how he learned of secret happenings but again accept it as coincidence. Lastly, he writes of X, an invader from another dimension. When he sees on TV that X is really menacing the city, he realizes his writing is bringing the creatures to life and writes an ending for X, but it doesn't effect the monster. The man realizes it must be his typewriter that is infused with magic power, but X attacks him before he can type out the ending. In desperation, he seizes the typewriter and hurls it through the window. With the typewriter smashed, X fades away.

Appearing in "One-way Journey"

Featured Characters:

  • Adam Gree

Other Characters:

  • Scientists


  • Gree Enterprises


  • Time Machine

Synopsis for "One-way Journey"

Tales to Astonish Vol 1 20 027.jpg

A heartless tycoon spends great resources and eliminates jobs in order to build a machine that will transport him forty years into the future from the current moment to one forty years hence because his scientists have predicted an end to disease, war, and poverty in the year 2001, but he neglects to consider his body will age forty years in what seems to his mind merely an instant and since the machine has only enough power to move forward the one time he's lost most of the years of his life.


  • Cover art: inks possibly by Kirby.
  • "X The Thing That Lived!" is reprinted in Fear #2
  • "One-way Journey" is reprinted in Fear #2

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