Appearing in "The Crawling Creature"

Featured Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Subteranean Cavemen



  • Drilling Machine

Synopsis for "The Crawling Creature"

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A high-school student volunteers to man a governmental mining drill experiment near the grand canyon. When he descends, he meets a tribe of primitive cavepeople who live underground being harried by a crawling reptile. The boy's gun cannot slay the beast, but it annoys the creature into following him up the drill's shaft. At the edge of the grand canyon, the boy uses a hand mirror to reflect light into the creature's eyes and dazzle it into toppling over the ledge. The creature doesn't fall, however, so the boy bravely decides to sacrifice himself by descending to the canyon floor thus ensuring the creature will follow and be trapped by the sheer walls. A passing helicopter sees the boy just moments before he is seized by the creature, and lowers a rope ladder, saving the boy and leaving the monster stranded at the bottom of the grand canyon.

Appearing in "Help!"

Featured Characters:

  • The Writer

Supporting Characters:

  • The typewriter's previous owner



  • Typewriter

Synopsis for "Help!"

A man buys a second-hand typewriter, which only seems to write the same message. The typewriter is typing an address of some kind. The man decides to go to the address given, and he finds the previous owner of the typewriter in danger. The man rescues the previous owner.

Appearing in "For Whom the Drum Beats"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Drum Sticks

Synopsis for "For Whom the Drum Beats"

Tales to Astonish Vol 1 22 026.jpg

A second-string drummer is envious of another member of the band, and so when he hears about a local gypsy, he goes to see her about improving his playing ability. At first, she refuses to help him because she can tell he is asking out of impure motives, but he threatens her with violence and so she casts her spell. At first, he is happy with his new fame as an excellent drummer, until he realizes...that he can never stop.


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