Appearing in "Dead Storage"

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Synopsis for "Dead Storage"

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An actor from yesteryear longs to return to the stage, but no agents can offer him any work. Disheartened, he resolves put aside the past and packs up his mementos to place them in storage. As he is driving to the address he was given over the phone, he holds the note upside down and drives to the wrong address. When he enters the building, he finds it to be in reality a disguised spaceship of aliens planning an attack upon Earth. He quickly resolves to ambush the spy they are waiting upon, and using makeup, takes his place. He gives the finest performance of his life in convincing the aliens that he's infected with a deadly virus and they must leave this world while he remains behind in a noble act of self-sacrifice.

Appearing in "The Frightened Man!"

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Synopsis for "The Frightened Man!"

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A scientist living during the height of the cold war invents a time machine to escape the fear of the present day by traveling into a past epoch. The first place he lands is the French revolution. He flees guards who take his clothes for those of an aristocrat and want to behead him. The next place his machine takes him is the Spanish Inquisition (which no one expects). They put him on trial for sorcery, so he jumps into his machine and lands in the time of the Black Plague. He thinks maybe one more time will deposit him in a less fearful age, but he ends up in gladiatorial Rome. He resolves to return to his own century having learned the lesson that every age had its dangers and mankind survives by facing up to them.

Appearing in "The Voice of Fate"

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Synopsis for "The Voice of Fate"

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Appearing in "The Absent-Minded Professor!"

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  • Professor Blank

Synopsis for "The Absent-Minded Professor!"

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A college professor is certain that life exists upon other worlds, but can't quite remember why he is so assured of this fact. One evening he is abducted by aliens and he receives his answer. The aliens tell him the reason for his abduction is that years ago the aliens sent a spy to Earth, but failed to hear back from him, and the captain of the spaceship realizes that he should not have sent an absent-minded spy. The professor realizes that he is the alien spy.


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