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Time Master

Appearing in "The Astonishing Ant-Man Verses the Mad Master of Time!"

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  • Center City (See Notes)


Synopsis for "The Astonishing Ant-Man Verses the Mad Master of Time!"

Our story begins with Ant-Man rushing back to his lab. Along the way he crosses paths with a young boy delivering a telegram and is almost flattened by it. After addressing the public, Ant-Man makes his exit. The boy delivers his telegram to Professor Elias Weems. Opening the envelope, Weems finds that the telegram is from his grandson Tommy who is coming to visit him on vacation. Excited that his grandson is coming to visit Weems hopes to show him the many things he is working at at his job at Modern Scientific Research Company. However, as fate would have it, a week later, Weems is let go because company policy does not allow anybody to work for them past age sixty-five.

Angered by the fact of being fired only because of his age, Weems plans revenge against society for being so cruel and constructs a device that speeds up the aging process. Completing the device, he tests it out on a tree, a baby elephant, and a young woman before finding that it is perfect.

Calling himself the "Time Master", Weems sends a letter to the police demanding control of the entire city or else he will prematurely age the entire population. Learning of this through his spy ants, Ant-Man manages to track down and confront Weems at his home. Weems uses his aging gun on Ant-Man and attempts to trap him in a flower pot. Weems then leaves to start aging the entire city, not suspecting that Ant-Man can free himself by growing back to his normal height.

Tracking Weems down, he finds the scientist on a rooftop aging the people in the crowd gathering below him. Ant-Man rushes to stop Weems, but Weems stops himself when he realizes that his grandson Tommy is in the crowd and has been prematurely aged as well. Attempting to reverse the process, Weems fumbles and drops the device off the side of the building, but it is caught by Ant-Man's army of ants. Ant-Man then instructs somebody in the crowd to use the device to change everybody back to normal, and Weems surrenders to the police.

Pleading to the judge, Ant-Man and the owner of Modern Scientific Research Company convince any charges to be waived, and Weems is given his job back. Weems' first order of business is to show his grandson around the lab where he works.

Appearing in "Frankie's Fast Ball"

  • Appearances not yet listed

Synopsis for "Frankie's Fast Ball"

A boy is raised in the presence of radiation which grows his intelligence and strength. By the time he's a teenager he gains a fascination in baseball and goes to enter the professional league, however during practice he throws a fast ball so fast it goes straight through a tree so leaves, under the worry that he might hurt people.

Appearing in "My Fatal Mistake"

  • Appearances not yet listed

Synopsis for "My Fatal Mistake"

A man is bitter because he has been replaced by a computer and must take a job servicing it. It is ensconced in an air-tight clean room with a door that is opened after fifteen minutes allotted for servicing purposes. When the man enters the room, he gets the idea to sabotage the machine so that it will make mistakes and he can get his old job back, but he damages the circuits that allow the machine to open the door after the fifteen minutes of oxygen are used up.


  • In this issue, Ant-Man's home city is given as Center City. However, starting with Tales to Astonish #44, he is placed in Manhattan. Considering that Center City is only mentioned in this and Tales to Astonish Vol 1 42, this can be assumed to be a retcon

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