Quote1.png Henry, you are the love of my life and the apple of my eye...but what you don't know about ladies fashions...!!! Quote2.png
-- The Wasp

Appearing in "The Birth of Giant-Man!"

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Synopsis for "The Birth of Giant-Man!"

Our story opens with a giant Henry Pym (in a new costume) smashing through his own home and frightening off one of his own neighbors. We learn that he has developed a new type of formula that allows him to grow in size, and is now taking on the identity of Giant-Man. The Wasp helps him free himself from the house and Giant-Man explains that he was testing his new size-changing capsules. Giving her a demonstration, Pym grows to the height of 12 feet.

Meanwhile, Pym's frightened neighbor arrives at the police station to make a report about a giant man. The police tell him that they're too busy looking for a "pixie" that is apparently erasing people. Later, at a local park, a police team is searching for a being they're calling "The Eraser." The Eraser is hiding in the woods until he's discovered by a hot dog vender. Not wishing to have his presence alerted, he "erases" the hot dog vender. Later the Eraser travels to the home of Dr. Ebbhart, explaining that he's been "erasing" atomic experts, and that his next target is Henry Pym.

Back at Pym's residence, Henry is explaining how the size-changing capsules work and fits himself and the Wasp with belts that dispense different size-changing capsules for easy access. Wasp takes a size-changing pill and shrinks down to wasp size and lands on Pym's finger. Just then the Eraser arrives and erases Henry (and unintentionally the Wasp), who finds himself in "Dimension Z." The Eraser follows him shortly.

The Eraser explains that their world is in a different universe that shares the same space with Earth and that they have been monitoring the people of Earth for years. When they learned of mankind's ability to create the atomic bomb they sought to claim the technology to do so and invented their "erasers."

Refusing to aid them, Henry Pym tries to escape but is ensnared in "clinging bands." At this point the Wasp comes out of hiding inside Henry's coat and feeds him a shrinking capsule to escape the trap. In their diminutive size, Pym and the Wasp escape the guards and their hunter hounds. Donning his Giant-Man costume, the two heroes travel through the air ducts and find the scientists and alert them of their presence and intentions to free everybody.

Taking a growth capsule, Giant-Man storms the city, easily defeating the guards and their weapons. He captures one of Dimension Z's scientists and forces him to bring them to the lab where the erasers are kept. There Giant-Man is trapped in a unbreakable glass cage by the Eraser, who tells him that he has the only eraser on the planet. Too busy boasting over his victory, the Eraser doesn't notice that the Wasp has triggered the device to free Giant-Man. Giant-Man easily defeats the Eraser and takes his devices. Returning to the prisoners, Giant-Man uses the devices to send them all back to Earth's dimension.

Appearing in "Odd Skills"

This story is a reprint of the comic
Journey into Mystery #34.

Synopsis for "Odd Skills"

This story is a reprint of the comic
Journey into Mystery #34.

Appearing in "The End of a World"

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  • A far distant micro galaxy

Synopsis for "The End of a World"

  • Synopsis not yet written.


  • This is one of the few covers of the Marvel Age signed by artist Don Heck.
  • This issue clarifies that although Henry Pym spends his crime fighting time in New York City, his home and laboratory are actually in New Jersey.

  • Sequence 3 The End of a World
  • 5 pages
  • plot by Lee, script by Lieber

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