Quote1.png Nothing better than being chased by a beautiful babe! Quote2.png
-- The Human Top

Appearing in "Showdown with the Human Top!"

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Other Characters:

  • NYPD
  • Giant-Man Fan Club



Synopsis for "Showdown with the Human Top!"

Continuing from last issue, Giant-Man continues his training in order to be fast enough to catch the Human Top. Meanwhile, the Top travels to the pier and uses dynamite to blow up an abandoned tug boat. While the police are busy investigating the explosion, the Top initiates phase 2 of his plan in the west end of the city.

Alerted to the explosion, Giant-Man devises that it is probably a diversion and is about to check out the west side of the city when the two heroes are interrupted by the untimely arrival of the Giant-Man and Wasp fan club. Giant-Man bombards the crowd with a giant shout so that he and the Wasp can leave to tackle the Human Top.

Later, Giant-Man spots the Human Top leaving the Federal Building, and attempts to stop his foe. During the battle the Top makes a fool of Giant-Man, eventually causing the hero to step into a manhole and injure his leg. In spite of the aid of the Wasp, the Top manages to make his escape.

Returning to his home, the Top reveals that he had stolen civil defense plans which he intends to sell to Communist agents. While at a meeting with top-level military officials, Giant-Man learns that the plans are already obsolete, but they decide to use the sale of the plans as bait to catch both the Communist spies operating in the country and the Top.

When the Top calls to make arrangements with the Communists, the heroes are listening via a wiretap and learn the meeting place where the exchange will take place. Giant-Man easily captures the Communist spies and then goes to the meeting place to confront the Top.

When the Top tries to escape Giant-Man, he is shocked to find that the entire neighborhood has been fenced off by the military. With nowhere to go, the Top is easily knocked out by Giant-Man and is taken into custody.

Appearing in "The Sorcerer"

  • Appearances not yet listed

Synopsis for "The Sorcerer"

2-page text story

Appearing in "No Place to Turn!"

Featured Characters:

  • Mongoids
  • Centaurian Lizard-Men

Synopsis for "No Place to Turn!"

  • Synopsis not yet written.

Appearing in "The Wonderful Wasp Tells a Tale: "Somewhere Waits a Wobbow!"

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Other Characters:

  • Veterans




  • X-32 Spaceship

Synopsis for "The Wonderful Wasp Tells a Tale: "Somewhere Waits a Wobbow!"

The Wasp travels to a nearby veterans hospital to tell some injured soldiers stories to cheer them up. She tells them of a tale taking place in a futuristic world in the year 2000. In this world there is a mercenary space pilot named Rack Morgan who will do anything for money, going so far as almost causing crashes in space, and knocking out fellow space pilots and stealing their jobs.

One day while on a space hop, Morgan flies past the planet Draconius, a planet that travelers have been forbidden to land on because of creatures called Wobbows. Having to fly down into the planet's atmosphere because of a meteor shower, he finds none of these supposed Wobbows, but instead mounds of gold everywhere.

Figuring the story of the Wobbows is to prevent people from coming to the planet and reducing the value of gold, he decides to land his ship and take one of the large gold rocks.

Returning into space, he is jarred by the sound of his gold changing shape, and he is shocked to find that it is turning into a Wobbow, and that the Wobbows have the ability to change into whatever their prey desires.

The Wasp finishes her story with the Wobbow approaching Morgan. She then leaves the recovering soldiers, who were too preoccupied with her good looks to listen to the story.


  • Sequence 1 Showdown with the Human Top!
  • by this issue, Henry Pym appears to have moved his laboratory from New Jersey to New York. Several reasons may have caused this:
    • he destroyed his previous lab in Tales to Astonish #49
    • he recently began his affiliation with the New York based super-team the Avengers around the time of Tales to Astonish #47
    • his partner and romantic interest, the Wasp, frequently speaks of shopping and her desire for a more exciting life.
  • Sequence 3 No Place to Turn!
  • plot by Lee, script by Lieber
  • Sequence 4 Somewhere Waits a Wobbow!
  • plot by Lee, script by Lieber
  • This is the first story narrated in this title by the Wasp. This series will become a regular feature and is sometimes referred to as "Tales of the Wasp," where she tells science fiction stories to injured veterans, orphans, and other groups.
  • as seen on page one, the job number is X-502.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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