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Quote1.png If Giant-Man is watching, he must finally realize that he'd never have a chance against the unbeatable Porcupine! Quote2.png

Appearing in "Trapped by the Porcupine!"

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Synopsis for "Trapped by the Porcupine!"

While putting on a show outside for children at a local orphanage, Giant-Man and the Wasp are unaware that they are being secretly watched by their foe the Porcupine. Porcupine uses his armor to cause Giant-Man and Wasp's stunt (having Wasp cross between two buildings on Giant-Man's body) to fail, and the two heroes have to prevent falling to their deaths, but Giant-Man hurts his ankle in the fall.

His initial attempt at revenge a failure, Porcupine makes his escape unnoticed. On his way back to his lab he recounts his first encounter with Giant-Man and Wasp (in Tales to Astonish Vol 1 48). Back in his lab and in his civilian guise, Porcupine develops a powerful sleeping gas that would even affect Giant-Man's over-sized lungs.

The Porcupine then decides to use the Giant-Man and Wasp fan club as a method to get revenge on the two heroes. Showing up at a local chapter's club house, he convinces the members to dress up as Giant-Man villains and visit the injured hero to cheer him up. The fans hardly suspect that they are being duped by the real Porcupine and agree to organize the event.

Upon arriving at Giant-Man's headquarters to visit the injured hero, Porcupine asks the Wasp (who thinks he is just a fan in a very convincing costume) to retrieve a "present" that he had purchased for Giant-Man but forgot in his car. The Wasp complies and once she is out of the room, the Porcupine strikes, unleashing his gas on everyone. Giant-Man however shoots up to full size and uses one of his gym rings to spin really fast and disperse the gas. Giant-Man battles the Porcupine until the villain gets loose and informs the hero that he has captured the Wasp and escapes.

Realizing that the Wasp is heading into a trap, Giant-Man races to her rescue, but cannot prevent her capture by the Porcupine, and cannot chase after his escape vehicle because of his injured leg. With the Wasp a prisoner, Giant-Man resolves to find a way to save his partner, in spite of his injuries.

Meanwhile, the Porcupine allows the Wasp to escape, sending a remote control quill to follow her so that he may find the location of Giant-Man's home and find out the hero's true identity. When the Wasp arrives home, Giant-Man deduces the Porcupine's plan and destroys the quill, but not before the Porcupine finds his way to Giant-Man's New Jersey home, and traps the Wasp via sticky paper from his quills.

The two battle inside Giant-Man's home until the Porcupine grabs a number of Giant-Man's capsules from his belt, thinking they are growing capsules, the Porcupine takes them all. However, the Porcupine realizes he's made a grave error when he begins to shrink. Giant-Man cannot stop the process and soon loses the Porcupine, once the villain has shrunk to microscopic size. After watching the Porcupine shrink down to a single microbe, he frees Jan from the paper, and the two talk about the battle as the story ends.

Appearing in "When Wakes the Colossus!"

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  • Mingo
  • Colossus

Synopsis for "When Wakes the Colossus!"

One day in Henry Pym's lab, the Wasp prepares to go on one of her routine visits to a local Veterans hospital to entertain wounded soldiers with her science fiction stories. Goaded on by Henry, the Wasp decides to give Hank a preview of the story she was going to tell the soldiers.

She tells the story of an alien world that is ruled by a warlord named Mingo, whose tribe gets enjoyment out of subjugating the more primitive species on the planet. He tells his people that their next victims will be the Asikii tribe by using their superstitious nature against them.

Soon, Mingo's tribe manages to defeat and rule over the Asikii tribe. Realizing that his newly acquired slaves might rebel against him, he decides to have a huge statue constructed. Dubbing it "Colossus," he warns the Asikii people that if they were to rebel, the statue would come to life and crush them.

Eventually the Asikii people grow weary of being slaves and revolt against Mingo and his people, and truth be told, the statue does come to life. However, the Colossus doesn't attack the Asikii but destroys Mingo's palace instead, freeing the Asikii people. The story ends with rumors that Mingo was last seen roaming the countryside, muttering to himself.

Once finished with her story, the Wasp realizes that Henry had resumed the experiment he was working on and hadn't listened to a word she had said, and storms off in anger.

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