Quote1.png I must have the power which the giant one possesses! I, too, must be able to change my size at will! It is only fitting that the future master of Earth also be the master of size! Quote2.png
-- Hidden Man

Appearing in "The Mystery of the Hidden Man and His Rays of Doom!"

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  • Loko, his assistant

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  • Hidden Man's Truck

Synopsis for "The Mystery of the Hidden Man and His Rays of Doom!"

Chasing after a mysterious vehicle, Giant-Man soon finds himself bathed in green rays being fired from it. Little suspecting that it's attempting to steal the knowledge that allows him to change in size and transmitted into a being known as the Hidden Man, who plots to steal the intelligence of scientists all over the world. Giant-Man's resistance to the device causes it to blow a fuse, and the Hidden Man's assistant flees leaving the vehicle behind for Giant-Man to study.

Meanwhile using a second vehicle, Hidden Man sends his lackey out to steal the knowledge of other scientists. This plot soon becomes clear to Giant-Man when one of his fellow scientists approaches him as Henry Pym to explain how he forgot all his scientific skill.

While showing the Wasp how to tame a wasp to ride on, she is stung by the it and Giant-Man has to shrink down in size to remove the stinger from her body. As he is doing so, he is bathed in the Hidden Man's green ray and after saving the Wasp's life realizes that he has forgotten how to make himself shrink in size. However still knowing how to grow, Giant-Man chases after the second vehicle and smashes it. Hidden Man's lackey reveals his location to Giant-Man before being turned over to the police.

In a battle against the Hidden Man, not even the Hidden Man's ability to shrink in size can prevent Giant-Man from eventually capturing him. Once captured by the hero, a space ship appears and takes the Hidden Man away, they explain that he is a criminal on their own planet and use their vast powers to restore all the scientists abilities. The experience causes Giant-Man to black out.

Woken up by the Wasp, he tells her the dangers passed, and she shows him that she finally tamed the wasp she was training. After treating Giant-Man's injured arm, the two heroes return home.

Appearing in "Where Strides the Behemoth"

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Synopsis for "Where Strides the Behemoth"

Continuing from last issue, the Hulk confronts the Communist tank battalion that has been ordered to capture him. Making short work of their tanks, the Hulk then escapes, jumping farther East in great leaps and bounds before stopping to rest in Mongolia. There the Hulk stops in the mountains to rest, and in his exhaustion reverts back into Bruce Banner.

He is awakened some time later by Kanga Khan, a Mongolian bandit chieftain. Banner explains his situation, and that if they can get in touch with other Americans they will be rewarded for returning him to the States. Realizing that Banner could be potentially worth a large sum of money, Kanga Khan agrees.

Word reaches the United States and Major Talbot is sent to retrieve Banner from Kanga Khan. Arriving in Mongolia, and meeting with Khan, Talbot demands to see Banner before making any payments. While Talbot confirms that the bandit does indeed have Banner as his hostage, a band of other thieves plot to kidnap Banner and ransom him off themselves.

Attacking the village, the rebels outnumber Khan's men and he orders them to run to the hills. Talbot and Banner manage to escape together, however when in the mountains they are pinned in one spot by enemy fire. Just then the path they are standing on gives way and both men are sent falling down the cliff.


Continuity Notes

The Mystery of the Hidden Man and his Rays of Doom!

  • Although Giant-Man loses his shrinking powers here, he manages to restore them in Avengers #46.

Where Strides the Behemoth

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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