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Synopsis for "The Start of the Quest!"

This story follows the events of Daredevil #7...

Namor is on his way back to Atlantis when he is stopped by Lady Dorma, who warns Namor that in his absence, Warlord Krang has seized the throne of Atlantis. When Dorma tries to touch Namor he tells her to unhand him, angering her. Upset at being rejected by Namor again, she calls the guards, who easily overpower and capture Namor. She accompanies the captured Namor in the hopes that upon seeing Krang on his throne, he will give up his royal status and finally marry her.

Krang gloats at Namor's loss of power and orders the fallen prince to be locked in the dungeons. Consumed with guilt, Dorma comes to Namor's side and he convinces her to let him free. He hopes to seek out Neptune's Trident so that he may rightfully regain the throne of Atlantis. He recounts how long ago, when Neptune used to rule over Atlantis, he hid the trident someplace under the sea. In the event someone attempted to usurp the Atlantean throne, one who is truly worthy might reclaim it by finding the trident. Dorma steals the Vibra-Key needed to free Namor from his cell and Namor begins his quest, seeking out the clues that will lead him to the trident.

Sneaking out of Atlantis, Namor swims off into the sea. Dorma watches on and is suddenly intruded upon by Krang. Krang gloats that this is exactly what he had plotted all along, hoping that Namor would be destroyed trying to find Neptune's trident.

This becomes apparent as Namor heads to the location of the first clue, which is defended by a giant killer squid. Spotting a shell that has Neptune's mark on it, Namor attempts to battle the squid. Slipping past the monster he grabs the shell, but he doesn't get away fast enough and the squid is approaching too close for comfort.

This story is continued next issue...

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Synopsis for "To Live Again!"

Tales to Astonish Vol 1 70 014.jpg

While preparing yet another device to destroy the Hulk, Ross fumes over the loss of the Absorbatron, and the apparent death of Bruce Banner, when one of his subordinates informs him that Banner's body has gone missing. Elsewhere in the desert, Rick Jones takes the inert body of Bruce Banner to Banner's hidden laboratory and bombards it with more Gamma radiation in hopes of reviving Banner. Banner's body turns into the Hulk and revives, where Rick is startled to learn that the Hulk has retained Banner's mind. To make matters worse, Banner informs Rick that if he were to change back into his human form he would surely die and decides to find a way to make his change into the Hulk permanent.

Elsewhere the Leader is contacted by his employers, who berate the Leader for his failure to obtain the Absorbatron. The Leader offers them an even greater weapon for a million dollars, however the Communists are not sold and tell the Leader that he will only get the money if he proves his claims by destroying a missile base. The Leader agrees and unleashes his latest creation: A gigantic Humanoid which he sends into the desert to go and destroy the nearby missile base. All opposition in its path are unable to destroy the gigantic humanoid.

Meanwhile, at the Nevada military base, Glenn Talbot tells Betty of Banner's apparent demise and the suspicion that he may have been a traitor to his country. Both are unaware that the Hulk had arrived on the base and has been listening in on their conversation. The Hulk concludes that in the state that he is in, he will let Betty believe what she may so that she may live a normal life without the Hulk.

Just then, the humanoid arrives at the base and begins its attack. The military's counter attack does not work, and the Hulk bounds in to try and stop the creature itself. However, the Hulk's strength is still not enough to defeat the creature either. Undaunted, the Hulk tries again and starts bounding towards the humanoid. At that moment, Ross has ordered their new "Sunday Punch" super-missile be deployed against the creature. Overhearing this, Rick tries to warn the Hulk, but Banner chooses to ignore Rick's pleas and continues on his path to destroy the humanoid. This story is continued next issue...


Continuity Notes

The Start of the Quest!

To Live Again!

  • Although the Hulk gains Banner's mind in this story, the effects of this change wore off by Tales to Astonish #79.

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