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Synopsis for "Like a Beast at Bay!"

Continued from last issue...

Following the impact of a massive explosion, the Sub-Mariner is struck with amnesia and is convinced by Number One of the Secret Empire to join their organization. Number One then orders the confused Namor to seek out and destroy the Empire's hated enemy: The Incredible Hulk. Outfitting Namor with a radio transceiver, Number One sends him into New York City where the Hulk was last spotted.

While stalking the streets, the Sub-Mariner is recognized by one of the many police officers on the street out searching for the Hulk leading to a clash with the police. Namor quickly escapes so that he can focus on his mission. Number One orders him to find a disguise so that he can be more inconspicuous while out looking for the Hulk. Breaking into a clothing store Namor steals a trench coat. His activity draws the attention of another police officer whom fires at the Sub-Mariner. Despite Namor's warnings to stop shooting, one of the cops bullets bounces off Namor's bullet-proof skin and hits the officer. Namor is about to take him to a hospital when he hears sirens that will bring him help and flees the scene.

Hoping to learn more about the Hulk, the Sub-Mariner ducks into a movie theater that is playing newsreel footage of the Hulk's latest publicized exploits. When Number One's constant inquiries into the Sub-Mariner's status attracts undue attention, Namor flees the scene when the other movie goers recognize him.

More confused than ever, the Sub-Mariner decides to doff his disguise and try to spot the Hulk while flying in the air. In doing so, he is spotted by Warlord Krang and Lady Dorma who are still in the area. Krang blasts Namor with a one of his ships cannons and flees the scene. The blast while not harming Namor overly much does succeed in reviving his memory.

This story is continued next issue...

Appearing in "Rampage in the City!"

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  • Gorki Next Appearance of Gorki (First appearance)

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Synopsis for "Rampage in the City!"

The Hulk, seeking companionship, returns to Gamma Base to find it deserted. Deciding to seek company with his former comrades the Avengers, the Hulk travels to New York City. There, the Hulk steals some clothes to disguise himself, but he's still spotted and chased by the police.

Getting away, the Hulk catches a news reel showing that the Boomerang's most recent attempt to capture the Delta missile was met with failure. He also learns that General Ross and Glenn Talbot have decided to move the Orion Missile to Cape Kennedy for more testing.

Meanwhile, Rick Jones learns that the Hulk is in New York and, in order to get there, takes on a job for a man to drive a car to the city. He is advised not to look in the trunk of the car. While back in the Big Apple, the Hulk is once more spotted and chased by police. The Hulk tries to escape into the subway and falls on the rail, damaging it. Realizing that the inbound subway train would crash as a result of the damage he caused, the Hulk uses his strength to stop the subway car, and then makes his escape. This story is continued next issue...


Continuity Notes

  • The Sub-Mariner and Hulk stories happen at the exact same time, with the scene at the movie theater occurring in both stories.

Like a Beast at Bay!

  • The fact that the Hulk and the Sub-Mariner go into a movie theater that is playing a newsreel should be considered a topical reference per the Sliding Timescale of the Earth-616 universe. Before the wide proliferation of televised newscasts people used to find recorded news via newsreels that were played at movie theaters.
  • The narration mentions how the Sub-Mariner had previously met the Hulk in Avengers #3.

Rampage in the City!

  • Cape Canaveral is called Cape Kennedy in this story. This should be considered a topical reference per the Sliding Timescale of Earth-616 as Cape Canaveral was renamed in 1963 following the assassination of John F. Kennedy but the State changed it back in 1973.

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