Quote1 What in the name of Benajamin J. Grimm is that?!! Quote2
-- Police Chief, who has just discovered the Hulk-Killer.

Appearing in "The Wrath of Warlord Krang!"

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Synopsis for "The Wrath of Warlord Krang!"

Continued from last issue...

As Namor continues his hunt for Warlord Krang in New York City, the villain pilots his submarine with his helpless captive Lady Dorma near New York where he causes a gigantic tidal wave to strike the mainland, flooding the city with tons of water. After the deluge, authorities spot Namor as he witnesses the carnage and believe that he is the cause of the disaster and open fire upon him.

Fleeing his attackers, Namor goes to a nearby radio transmitter to try and get a hold of Lord Vashti to see if the Atlantean science council can stop the tidal wave. Unfortunately, the radio transmitter is not strong enough to contact Atlantis prompting the Sub-Mariner to attempt to appeal to the US Air Force. While down in the city, Warlord Krang and Lady Dorma walk among the surface-men to see the damage wrought by the tidal wave. As Krang gloats over the success of his first strike, Dorma overhears one of the fire fighters mention that Namor is still alive.

Meanwhile, the military track down Warlord Krang's craft and send out a submarine to destroy it. Hearing this over the radio, the Sub-Mariner assumes the worst and that Lady Dorma may have been killed. While Namor asks if there were survivors, the men in the radio building cause the radio transmitter to short circuit shocking the prince of Altantis with a powerful jolt of electricity.

Lady Dorma at this point has attempted to flee Krang and gain control over the craft to find that it has been destroyed. Before Krang can grab her both are captured in a net dropped by a helicopter above and are carried back out into the city. They realize to their horror that it's becoming harder to breath and realize that the chemical treatment that Krang exposed them to that allows them to breathe on the surface has started to wear off.

As Namor struggles with a group of soldiers come to apprehend him, he overhears from a radio car on the street below that the humans think that Krang's craft was his and that they have Krang and Dorma captive. Namor breaks free and rushes to the location where they are being held, unaware that the military has set up a trap for him using Dorma and Krang as bait.

This story is continued next issue...

Appearing in "The Birth of... The Hulk-Killer!"

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Synopsis for "The Birth of... The Hulk-Killer!"

Continued from last issue...

Banner is trapped on the Delta missile heading straight for New York. He manages to change the direction of the missile to harmlessly detonate in the ocean. Not wishing to die, Banner gets worked up enough to transform into the Hulk and survive the blast.

Meanwhile, a team of army police manage to discover one of the Leader's hidden bases. It contains a new model Humanoid which is dubbed the Hulk-Killer. General Ross demands that the robot be activated. The Hulk-Killer proves uncontrollable and it goes on its own rampage. Elsewhere, the Boomerang prepares for a rematch with the Hulk.

The Hulk, having pulled himself back to land and overhearing the army battling the Hulk-Killer, smashes through the wall to find out what the commotion is. He finds the Hulk-Killer and is promptly beaten into submission by the late-Leader's humanoid. This story is continued next issue...


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The Birth of... The Hulk-Killer!

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