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Synopsis for "It Walks Like a Man!"

While out exploring the deep, the Sub-Mariner and Dorma come across a barrel of radioactive waste that has been dumped by a passing submarine. Furious and thinking that this is some kind of attack, Namor is about to engage the sub when he is talked out of the potential fight by Lady Dorma. Investigating the barrel, Namor determines what it is and decides to toss it into the forbidden Cavern of Darkness.

Tossing the barrel into the cavern it ruptures upon impact with the ocean floor. The seeking radioactive material then revives a creature known as It. Awaken from a centuries-old slumber, and prompting it to climb out of the cavern and seek out fresh victims. It's reawakening is picked up by a radar-warning station that picks up the creatures newly acquired radioactivity. As the creature approaches the commander of the base orders a full alert, however, the bases sea-mines are unable to stop It, and the monster manages to destroy the radar warning station with it's bare hands.

Returning to Atlantis Namor and Dorma debate on if they should wage war on the surface world. Dorma's strive for peace prevails and Namor agrees to send a team of his soldiers to the surface to deliver a warning not to encroach on his land in the name of peace. Along their journey the they are attacked by It and easily decimated. One of their numbers manages to escape back to Atlantis to warn Namor of the powerful new stranger that attacked them.

Furious at this, and thinking it's a possible attack by the surface men Namor rushes off to confront their mystery attacker. It meanwhile has come across an American sub and is about to attack it when he's jumped by the Sub-Mariner. During the course of the fight, the men aboard the sub figure they are being attacked by the Sub-Mariner and Namor believes that It is working for the surface men. As the two titans clash, the soldiers aboard the sub fire their torpedoes at the two combatants.

This story is continued next issue...

Appearing in "Turning Point!"

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Synopsis for "Turning Point!"

With the entire world on the look out for either Hulk or Bruce Banner, Banner himself has gone into hiding and disguises himself when out in public. Having gotten an apartment in New York, Banner has collected together parts needed to build a device that would bombard him with Gamma Radiation, in the hopes that it will finally cure him of being the Hulk.

However, after the experiment Banner once more turns into the Hulk. The Hulk bursts out of the apartment and tries to find a safe place to hide. Hopping through the city, the Hulk begins hoping to find a way off the planet. He spots what he thinks is a spaceship and tries to stop it, but gets pushed away by an unseen force. Angry at this rejection, he doesn't realize that who he had tried to stop was none other than the Silver Surfer.


Continuity Notes

It Walks Like a Man!

Turning Point!

  • Rick Jones and the members of Teen Brigade communicate with each other via Ham Radio in this story. However the technology used by the Teen Brigade use to communicate with one another should be considered a topical reference per the Sliding Timescale of Earth-616. For example, while the Teen Brigade are shown using Ham Radios in Avengers #1 the modern retelling of that story in Avengers: The Origin Vol 1 shows them using the internet to communicate.

Publication Notes

  • Cover art: pencils by Heck and Adkins (re-drawn Sub-Mariner figure), inks by Adkins.

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