Quote1.png Yet, here, within my fingers, is the power to change his destiny-- forever! Quote2.png
-- Silver Surfer (Norrin Radd)

Appearing in "The Monarch and the Monster"

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Synopsis for "The Monarch and the Monster"

Namor continues his battle against the radioactive creature known as It, as a military submarine, believing Namor to be responsible for the creatures attack on the vessel fire torpedoes at the two combatants. Their fight knocks them away from the blast, however, It's radiation begins to sap at Namor's strength.

As the exploding torpedoes cause an avalanche, It get's buried in the rubble and the Sub-Mariner just barely makes it out. Thinking this was an attack on him by the soldiers in the submarine (whom Namor believes sent It is a robot sent to attack Atlantis by the surface dwellers), the prince attacks the sub. As Namor breaches the hull of the ship with a single punch, It manages to free itself and resume its attack on Namor before he can cause more damage to the sub.

Greatly weakened by the radiation, Namor dives out of the creatures way when it lunges at him, causing It to smash through the hull of the ship. When the soldiers aboard the sub finally get their scanners running they see the creature and realize that Namor wasn't the one attacking them all along and retreat from the fight.

Weakened Namor returns to Atlantis where he learns of his near lethal dosing of radiation. Having recovered thanks to the advanced medical technology within Atlantis, the Sub-Mariner survives. Greeted at his bedside by Lady Dorma, Namor tells her of his battle against the "robot" from the "surface world". Still believing that It was a robot sent to attack his nation, Namor orders that a council of war be organized.

Appearing in "He Who Strikes the Silver Surfer"

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Synopsis for "He Who Strikes the Silver Surfer"

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The Hulk demands the Silver Surfer to take him away from Earth, to find a new home where he won't be hounded. Unaware that the Surfer is unable to leave the Earth, the Hulk attacks when the Surfer refuses to help the Green Goliath.

The police soon show up as the Surfer makes his escape and try to keep the Hulk at bay with flamethrowers until the military arrives. The Surfer returns to fly the Hulk to safety. However, the two again end up in battle with the Hulk trying to gain control of the Surfer's board. The attempt is futile and nothing he does can get the Surfer's board to follow his commands.

The battle ends with the Hulk being knocked unconscious. Using his Power Cosmic to probe the Hulk's mind, he learns of Banner's curse. Attempting to use his Power Cosmic to cure the Hulk, the Hulk awakens and believes that the Surfer is attacking him and fights him off. The Surfer leaves in frustration and the Hulk vows to one day make him help him escape this planet.


"He Who Strikes the Silver Surfer"

  • The Silver Surfer mentions how he has been treated heartlessly by humanity. He is probably referring to recent events when Doctor Doom stole his powers. [1]
  • The Hulk wants The Silver Surfer to take him to another planet. Foreshadowing the two's adventures on the planet Sakaar. [2]

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