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Appearing in "Helpless, at the Hands of Dragorr!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Gnome (First and only known appearance)
  • Dragorr (First and only known appearance)

Other Characters:



  • Traciometer
  • Radio-monitors
  • Hydro-rifle

Synopsis for "Helpless, at the Hands of Dragorr!"

Following his battle with It, and believing that the creature was a robot created by the surface dwellers, Namor has called upon a council of war in order to prepare to do battle with the surface world. The gathered council of war agree unanimously that aggressive action must be taken against the surface world due to this perceived transgression against Atlantis. Although Dorma protests this idea, Namor is unwavering and dismisses her until she can have more faith in his command. With everything prepared, Namor decides to go out to sea and think of the best way to humble the surface dwellers.

While Namor is occupied, a message carrying missile arrives in the council chamber and is recovered by Dorma. Although she doesn't like what the message is asking she turns it over to her ruler anyway. It's an invitation from a dictator of a small island nation named Dragorr, asking for an alliance between the two nations. Furious at such a suggestion and believing that it is a surface trap, the Sub-Mariner decides to go to Dragorr's island nation to teach him a lesson, playing into Dragorr's hands. Dragorr's supposed minion, the Gnome detects Namor's approach and initiates weapons to attack him, easily incapacitating the Sub-Mariner allowing for Dragorr's minions to capture him and take him before Dragorr himself.

Trapped in an energy field that renders him immobilized, Namor is brought before Dragorr who explains he lured the Sub-Mariner to his island so that he might exploit Namor's superior strength to dispose of an army of rebels that seek to overthrow his rule. Much to Namor's surprise, the energy field also allows Dragorr to control his actions and sends him out to attack, and the Sub-Mariner crushes the rebellion with relative ease. Namor is then ordered to return to Dragorr who then decides to keep him a prisoner.

Monitoring the situation on the surface, Dorma goes to her lords rescue, taking a potion that allows her to briefly brief on the surface she learns the location of Dragorr's castle from the rebels. Breaking in she uses a hydro-rifle to free the Sub-Mariner from Dragorr's control. They are then confronted by Dragorr who challenges Namor to a one-on-one battle. During the fight, Namor is surprised by Dragorr's superior strength, but soon realizes the truth of Dragorr's nature. Ordering Dorma to shoot Dragorr with the hydro rifle, Namor reveals that Dragorr is in reality a robot controlled by the Gnome as he smashes the device to bits.

Attempting to avoid capture, the Gnome attempts to jump out of a window but ends up landing in a net put out by the rebels. With the Gnome captured, the rebellion easily dismantles their leadership. In thanking Namor, the rebel leader informs the prince of the deep that they intend on installing a free election system on the island and pledges to never have their nation interfere with the interests of Atlantis. With the threat of Dragorr disposed of, Namor and Dorma return to the deeps and head back to Atlantis.

Appearing in "...To the Beckoning Stars!"

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Synopsis for "...To the Beckoning Stars!"

Wandering the countryside, the Hulk is spotted by some hunters who have been charged with collecting animals and sending them to the High Evolutionary, who has since set up his operations on a new world called Wundagore II. The Evolutionary has been trying to solve the problem of his New Men who have been becoming more feral and animal-like and revolting against his rule. Learning of the Hulk's presence near the hunters, the High Evolutionary orders them to capture the Hulk with the weapons he provided them with, as the Hulk may prove to the key to solving his problem.

The hunters succeed in knocking the Hulk out with their gas guns and load him up on the ship that the Evolutionary has provided for them. After launching the ship, they destroy the Evolutionary's equipment as per his instructions. The ship is piloted by Sir Ram, one of the New Men still loyal to the High Evolutionary. When Ram checks over the latest specimen for his master, the Hulk revives and strikes Sir Ram, knocking him out. The Hulk finds himself on a ship in deep space and not even knowing where he is going.

This story is continued next issue...


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