Not much is known about the person known as Talisman. He was abducted along with several other super heroes from various countries, in order to be pitted against the other in a game between Death and the Grandmaster. Talisman was instrumental in not only winning for his team, but also, with the help of the Invisible Woman, in turning the tables against their captors, who released them once their plans were finished.[citation needed]

Power Grid[1]
Energy Projection4
Fighting Skills2
* Teleporter


Talisman is an adept magic-user for his people, able to use facets of the Dreamtime for beneficial effects. Talisman uses his bullroarer as a focus for his power, which can allow his spirit (and those of others) to enter the Dreamtime dimension (in a way, a type of astral projection that the sorcerer Dr. Strange uses often.) The Dreamtime allows Talisman to know the true nature, and the past, present, and future nature, of any person or object, and can flawlessly track any object, person, or creature.


Talisman is an above average athlete, living in the harsh conditions of the Australian Outback.



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