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The origin of the Coronet of Enchantment is unknown. It has been worn down the millennia by the many different mages who have been the Talisman for their time. The first Talisman was Nahita, from the Tribe of the Moon.[1] In one previous time, it was used to cage the race known as Ska'ar in another dimension.[2]

The current Talisman, Elizabeth Twoyoungmen, gained it by reaching into her father, Shaman's, pouch and withdrawing it. The moment she put it on, she was transformed.[3]

However, the circlet came with a price: it cannot be removed without excruciating pain. Elizabeth did eventually have the tiara removed by Pestilence and her father placed it on his brow, gaining its powers.[4]

Elizabeth eventually regained the circlet to become Talisman once again. Wanda Langkowski took the talisman while Michael Twoyoungmen was transferring it back to his daughter. Wanda was under the mental influence of the Dreamqueen who desired to add its power to her own. Before Wanda could deliver the Coronet of Enchantment to the Dreamqueen, Snowbird altered Wanda's physical form, turning him back into Walter. This broke the Dreamqueen's connection to her (now him) and Walter gave back the circlet to Elizabeth.[5]

Elizabeth returned to the role of Talisman to battle Llan, the Sorcerer: a danger who threatens the earth every ten thousand years.[6]


The Talisman of Power enhances the Talisman's natural power to manipulate magical fields and energy as well as allowing the wearer to control various natural spirits. If worn by someone other than the Talisman, the circlet will allow them (if they are at least partly magical in nature) to manipulate magical fields and spirits.[3][7]

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