Talita was wife of and second-in-command to shadow knight Draghighnazzo. Though he was perhaps the most powerful shadow knight of the 12th century, he succumbed to death near the Rhine river. His squire Shreck, who would later be known by the German-to-English translation of the word as Terror, buried Draghighnazzo in an unmarked grave surrounded by three mystical seals to begin his long process of "healing".

Talita and Shreck took over command of Draghighnazzo's army, going on a rampage for ten years. While Draghighnazzo looked to subjugate the people to his unmerciful rule, Talita had a more dignified reign over her conquered lands. Her people respected her and for another ten years, all was well. Talita and Shreck fell in love.

The general populace of her realms enjoyed her rule, but the wealthy landowners were enraged over her actions of dividing up their rightful land. They raised an army of 25,000 to overthrow Talita and Shreck. Sensing the battle was lost, she bade Shrek to cleave her limbs so that he may use them to escape. He did so with great anguish and was able escape.

Hoping to reverse his actions, he buried her in the mountains with the mystical stones he took from Draghighnazzo's grave, hoping to revive her instead in time. Shreck's curse meant that it was only a matter of time before Talita's arm and leg would rot off, so in a desperate measure to keep her with him for as long as possible, he had a witch and her blacksmith husband fuse the arm to his body in an encasement.[citation needed]


Shreck, now called Terror, "lived" on into the 21st century, becoming a mercenary for whoever had the most money. Terror was setup by Roger Harper, a Homeland Security man, so that he could obtain Terror's arm. While his henchman, Sparks, was successful in retrieving the arm, he was not successful in destroying Terror. Upon his escape, Terror learns from his associate Mrs.

Primo that a gang called Death's Reign had recently been working for someone calling herself Ángel de la Muerte, or Death Angel in English. They are the ones responsible for his lost arm. Terror breaks into their hideout and confronts Death Angel, who is hooked up to an elaborate iron lung encasing, only to find out that it is in fact Talita. She then proceeds to skewer him with he robotic appendages.[citation needed]

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