do you think someone should make a charcter page for other people in this universe?

Havokdoop1234 (talk) 15:54, January 26, 2018 (UTC)

Yeah, sure. But this particular page should be filled first with reference and complete content, before creating others.Undoniel (talk) 17:21, January 26, 2018 (UTC)

can somebody please help me add this characters history, i have put links so am i allowed to add the follwing to the history:

Bailey Hoskins was just your average teenage boy. He tried to be unique, tried to get into indie music or skateboarding or poetry, but the only thing that stuck was playing Halo and crushing on girls who were way out of his league. His parents called him down one afternoon to tell him something that would change his life. Because they were hated and feared, Bailey’s parents hid the fact that they were mutants from him. Bailey was excited to discover that he was special and soon he was at the Xavier Institute. [1] ran some tests on Bailey, who sat on the edge of his seat. The disappointment that followed crushed Bailey. Bailey was able to explode. Once. Then he would die. Bailey was the least special of all the special kids and decided he didn’t belong at Xavier’s. He and his parents walked out, but Bailey was glad that he still had his parents. The surprise Sentinel attack took that from him too. The [2] took down the threat but Bailey was left alone and without anywhere else to go, took up residence at the Institute. After a month of near isolation, Jubilee took pity on him and took him under her wing. She introduced him to Rags and Riches, mutant siblings with the power to decompose matter and turn things into gold respectively. When she brought him to Forge, Bailey got the first good news he had in a long time. The Maker had created a suit of power armor so Bailey could train to be an X-Man. He told Jubilee and Forge that he wanted the code name X-Ceptional but they didn’t have much time to react to such a bad idea. The school’s alarm system went off, and Bailey decided now was the time to prove he was important. He charged out to face the Purifiers who were attacking the school, but the rest of the X-Men already had it covered. He chased down a straggler, but the bigot dropped to the ground without a fight. The soldier went on to sue the school for “unabashed emotional assault” and the Institute settled out of court for a sizable sum.

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