Not a race

Cyborgs aren't a race, and really don't need a page. Cyborgs share no characteristics aside from being part robot (NO other characteristics are shared among every cyborg). The other part can be ANYTHING else, so long as it's not mechanical. "Cyborg" should be a glossary term, and nothing more, and definitely does NOT need a full page, or a race page. A category and a description of what a cyborg is is all that should be done because, again, a race would need some sort of shared, inherited characteristics. I could see the need for a page on a group of cyborgs with the same creator, but not a single page for ALL cyborgs. It's just too broad, and would be like having a "robots" or "humans" page. There's no cohesive history that can be written for them, no shared experiences for cyborgs as a whole, and no shared point of creation. We have human cyborgs, Kree cyborgs, Shi'ar cyborgs, Skrull cyborgs, and cyborgs of practically every other known Marvel race, across the Multiverse, and the only things they share are what can be put in the few sentences of a glossary definition. And I can GUARANTEE YOU, they did NOT first appear in Uncanny X-Men #228 since Deathlok, at the least, stretches back to the 70s, and Iron Man, who COULD be termed a cyborg, has been around since the 60s. And I'm certain there are others I'm just not recalling. --GrnMarvl14 19:45, April 23, 2011 (UTC)

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