Artifical life-form created by ISAAC, and based on the DNA of the Eternals of Titan. Elysius was granted telepathic powers by ISAAC and a pair of winged lions to aid him in his take-over of Titan. However, when Elysius met Captain Mar-Vell and fell in love with him, she aided him, Drax and Rick Jones in opposing ISAAC. After ISAAC's defeat, Elysius accompanied Mar-Vell to earth while he adventured. When Mar-Vell ultimately fell victim to cancer, he asked Eros to guard Elysius for him before dying. However, Elysius released Eros from this vow so that he could resume his frolicking. Sometime after that, depressed by the loss of her love, Elysius impregnated herself with Mar-Vell's DNA and gave birth to a son, Genis. Genis was genetically engineered to age rapidly so that he would be able to defend himself, and Elysius raised him on Paraxis, a secluded planet. At some point, she befriended the Silver Surfer, and acquired a duplicate pair of Nega-Bands for Genis. She was killed by the resurrected body of Mar-Vell, but was later resurrected due to alterations in the timeline made by Genis. -Captain Marvel#59-62, Marvel Spotlight (v.2)#1-3, Incredible Hulk#245, 247-248, Death of Captain Marvel graphic novel, Avengers#230, Silver Surfer Annual#6, Cosmic Powers#4, Captain Marvel (v.2)#2, 5-6, Warlock (v.4)#1, Captain Marvel (v.3)#32, Captain Marvel (v.4)#15-18 The preceding unsigned comment was added by VikLeroy (talk • contribs).

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