I believe there are some errors in this. You mention it is a putty type liquid armor, from what I have gathered this may be worng. What I understand The putty part was a proof of concept prototype that allowed for rapid testing before building the final version. During Issue #1 he even mentions to himself "This is my testbed for a new suit. Think "putty." Modelling clay. Next-next-gen 3d printer. It's for trying things out." Then he states "not really meant for field use...." then "And what I'm facing..."

The Model 40 we see in The Avengers and in the Marvel NOW! Iron Man is not liquid tech, it is your standard armor according to Gillen. "The liquid tech is great for making lots of different things. It's not exactly a precision tool though. If you know you want a specific hammer or tool, it's best to have that than a generalized tool like liquid tech. And I like the idea of specialist suits. Issue #3 is a stealth issue. The suit featured in that issue is designed to make sneaky and shadowy characters like Black Widow obsolete. And issue #4 involves a bulk and really heavy duty suit," Gillen continued. "So Tony analyzes a problem and then picks the proper tools to help him solve it. In a way it's his attempt to try and be more responsible, as opposed to playing fast and loose. What can you tell us about the armor he designs? The text suggests that it's almost putty like?

Yeah I put a variety of things in there because I wanted to say that this was not exactly the same thing his previous suit was made out of. The idea is that this was something he would keep in a lab and use it to make prototypes. That was kind of my idea for it. So while it looks like the other Iron Man suits he's got and works like them he uses this device to test new ideas.

In the next issue and the issue after that we really start to look at how the modular armor works. We visit the armory next issue and talk about the level of specialty involved with the suit in issue #3. In issue #4 we show a heavy duty-style suit.

Now someone correct me if I am wrong, but all this leads me to believe the actual armor is not a liquid smart metal armor.

Jberry0410 (talk) 00:01, June 13, 2013 (UTC)

Oh, I forgot about that. I knew I had forgotten to change the information of certain page. It seems this was the case.
Thanks for your concern about this little issue. It has been solved.
--The ADour-incible ADour (talk) 00:20, June 13, 2013 (UTC)
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