There is the main Flag-Smasher, son of a murdered Swiss diplomat, who went on to lead ULTIMATUM and eventually control Rumekistan, and then there is also at least one other (maybe two other) nameless Flag-Smashers, who used the old costume, and existed as a minor nuissance to California-based heroes like the Runaways. (The Power Pack may have also fought a flag-smasher, I have no idea at this point). This was at the same time Flag-Smasher controlled Rumekistan (or at the very least, shortly after he died in Rumekistan). At one point someone brought this up in a letters page, and another letter-writer suggested that the new Flag-Smasher(s) was just some ULTIMATUM grunt who had taken up the Flag-Smasher mantle after the original died. The editor's agreed that seemed as reasonable as any backtracking they could make up. Either way, since they were so insignificant, they should probably just be mentioned at the end of this article on the main Flag-Smasher. Just making a note should it come up -- WhyBother 09:23, 29 December 2006 (UTC)

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