Some fixes are needed in the history section, as usual (quite a few, really). Example: "Once there, Kimura proceeds to lure “her” out in the open so that she can capture her but it eventually turns out Kimura is actually after Mercury who is captured." - awkward sentence. Probably better if one doesn't bury the lead, start with the fact that she's after Mercury, and is - well, I haven't read the comic i.qu., so don't know exactly how to continue that sentence. A step-by-step comic plot synopsis is neither our best nor only option here (or in analogous places on this site), though.

Commas: e.g. "She then uses adamantium handcuffs to handcuff herself to Laura and drags her downstairs to Debbie and Megan where she threatens and begins to put her finger through Megan's heart." What's wrong with sentences like this? How could a person improve it easily? (Lack of commas; threatens who? Megan?- separate that, or clarify again with pauses/commas...) Eschiss1 (talk) 03:10, November 7, 2015 (UTC)