"Towards the end of the Hyborian Age, civilizations broke apart and great migrations took place. The Cimmerians (ancestors of the Gaels) and the Nordheimr (a people who resided in what now is Scandinavia, and even worshipped earlier incarnations of the Asgardian gods, as well as Ymir and his daughter) migrated to the Vilayet Sea (later the Caspian Sea). Those people who settled there in time became the Aryans."

I wish marvel would stop publishing such provably false things. Nordheimr is clearly a norse construction, and thus part of an aryan language. While the Aryans did 'come from the north', thats only from a middle-eastern perspective. First recorded home of the Aryans is in Assyria (Turkey), and there is reasonable evidence for either a more northern origin or an Indian origin. Further, Assyria is not on the Caspian, its on the Black Sea.

Even worse, not only is Norse Mythology (eg, Asgard et al.) an Aryan religion, its clearly a highly derivative Aryan religion. It has a ressurected god (Baldr) myth, but he is no longer the groom of the Goddess - like Christ he is without a bride. The snake has been fully demonized with negative dragon symbols (Nidhoggr), and we even have the apple (eg, see Eris, Garden of Eden, and other apple and/or fig (ME variety looks like an apple) symbols of the middle east) as a symbol of eternal life (Idun). These are all elements of the Goddess religion, sometimes derivative (the snake was originally a positive symbol of wisdom), native to the Middle East - we can probably date Norse mythology to shortly *after* christianity, and certainly not too much beforehand. --Squirrelloid 16:37, 20 November 2006 (UTC)

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