There were three zombies with cameo appearances that I just didn't recognize. (see teh very center spread if you have the book. Same page as Captain Britain and Doctor Doom.) One woman had a black costume with white boots and gloves, tassles on the boots, and long blonde hair. She was standing in a plane with tall grass and the occassional tree, as in most shots fo Africa. Another woman had shrt dark hair, a white costume with blue bands around the waist and lower legs, a "furry-looking" blue cape, and a white headband. The Male had a full suit of large, golden armor, dark (brown?) hair, no helmet, and seemed to be treking through snow. If you know who they are, go ahead and ad them to the appropriate character section. ON AN UNRELATED NOTE: right now all links go to the Earth-616 counterpart. Should the zombie characters (major ones anyway) get their own character pages? -- WhyBother 01:46, 4 June 2006 (Eastern Daylight Time)

Page 16: The woman with the furry cape sitting on her butt is Sabra. Looks like she's already been included on the main page. I think the guy trekking through the snow is supposed to be Porcupine. That looks like one of his earlier costumes (sans the helmet). I have no idea who the person on the African plane is supposed to be. Maybe Nomad? Also, on page 20 (the Iron Man hovering over Times Square shot), I've also identified Blade (standing behind Iron Fist) and Crystal (standing next to Quicksilver; hard to see because she's on the crease). --Brian Kurtz 15:33, 25 February 2007 (UTC)
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