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Micronauts namechanges

I change the page name to "Micronauts" as per the Wikia naming conventions that specifies that we use the original name of a character/team. The page was originally created under the name "Microns (Earth-616)" back in 2005. The name Micron's was a shortened version of the team's name adopted in Captain Marvel (Vol. 4) #6 due to the fact that Marvel's right to use the Micronauts name long elapsed. This was a means of using the characters that Marvel owned full rights to in later stories.

While this Wikia does not typically cover commercial properties that were published by Marvel, in this case it is an exception to the general rule as the Micronauts were part of the Earth-616 universe.

Nausiated (talk) 02:30, July 7, 2014 (UTC)