I would have added more, but I want to get my facts straight first. Most notably, I need the info from 2099 Manifest Destiny (which wraps up the whole 2099 series after it came to an end). I'm pretty sure the sequence of events is like so:

last issues of Doom 2099, all of Fantastic Four 2099, all of 2099 World of Tomorrow:

  • the phalanx invade Earth, melting part of the polar ice caps. At the same time the Atlanteans (lead by Roman) invade the partially flooded surface world.
  • Both invasions are repelled by Doom and the FF. Latveria's population is killed by a Necrotoxin. (At some point Doom 2099 returns to 1996 to try and prevent this by making his people immuse to the toxin before anyone else even knows it exists.) The rest of the world is left to rebuild.

In Manifest Destiny:

Captain America (Steve Rogers) is found frozen in ice (again), and is given another item the found; Mjolnir. Cap takes on teh powers of Thor. I forget who, but someone puts a spatial barrirer around Earth. Eventually the heroes decide to do something about it, and fly out to space to destroy it. Cp is sent hurling into space, but first throws the hammer to Miguel. With the powers of thor and the barrier removed, Miguel leads the united Earth into a new golden age lasting another 1000 years. (again, I forget if the power of Thor keeps Miguel alive that long, or if the golden age itself lasts 1000 years, with Miguel's death going unmentioned.)

Since this is weird by any stretch of the imagination, I'm looking for confirmation from someone who can find or remember 2099 Manifest Destiny.

Added Spider-Sense

He has a version of the Spider-Sense in Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions so I added it as a power.

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