The appearance of Mojo and Longshot in the Ultimate universe obviously contradicts Mojo's claim in Exiles that he is a unique being in the multiverse (and that all other Mojoverse characters are similarly unique). Since they're both from their reality's Mojoverse (I presume, I haven't read the Ultimate titles), and they aren't from Earth-616 how would you designate the "mainstream" versions on a disambig page? I put a similar note on Longshot's talk page. Further, Mojo "I" also distinguished from "Mojo II: the sequel," who is a later, more muscular clone of Mojo. (The roman numerals are actually part of his name, like a movie title.) -- WhyBother 02:30, 25 January 2007 (UTC)

Bad Mojo?

Well it looks like the "Ultimate" Mojo is an entirely different character all together since he's a fat albino human and not a spineless creature from another dimension. I would say though that since the Mojo who appeared in the X-Men animated series and the Wolvering and the X-Men cartoon resemble the Mojoverse version of Mojo, perhaps they should be merged with the main article. One could argue they fit in continuity around how the original air date matches with Marvels publication dates at the time.. Which would be simple to do considering that Mojo isn't exactly a commonly used character, you could slip on these interactions with alternate reality X-Men into the profile very easily.


Nausiated 22:02, August 18, 2010 (UTC)

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