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Current Members

Marvel Girl

Telepath / telekinetic Jean Grey is outgoing and foxy, but also a very responsible young woman and was the unofficial second-in-command behind Cyclops. After an affair with Wolverine, she begins a steady relationship with Cyclops. She has difficulties controlling her Phoenix powers when she is angry.


Scott Summers, whose eyes emit concussive blasts, is the boy scout-like X-Men field leader. Initially shy and aloof, he learns to be an unrivalled leader and pursue his interests, notably the love of Jean Grey, an interest that has often put him at odds with his teammate Wolverine. He revisits his dead parents in a dream world he calls "Corsair". After the "death" of Xavier, Cyclops disbands the X-Men to utilize the school as a safe haven and educational center for mutants. He later rebuilds the team.


Piotr "Peter" Rasputin can turn into organic steel and reluctantly works as an arms smuggler before joining the X-Men and is hinted to be a closet homosexual for much of the earlier series before finally coming out. He has a younger sister called Illyana, who does not seem to have any mutant powers. His homosexuality has been a major point of contention with his friend, Nightcrawler. Though he once left the team to live with his boyfriend, Northstar, he has since rejoined.


Ororo Munroe can manipulate the weather. She is a skilled car thief before joining the X-Men's cause. She falls in love with Beast, and when he dies, it causes her to adopt a darker, edgier costume and hairstyle (similar to the way the mainstream Storm adopted the new punk look). She dabbles in an on-again-off-again romance/friendship with Wolverine.


James "Logan" Howlett has animal instincts and extreme regeneration powers and was turned into an amnesiac, emotionless killer by Weapon X. He resurfaces as the cold-blooded elite assassin of Magneto and infiltrates the X-Men to kill Professor X. He betrays Magneto, however, and joins the X-Men. Over the course of the series, he's had an on-again off-again relationship with Storm, questions about his former family and recently, with the introduction of Cable, been sent on a mission to find more answers. He later rejoined the newly formed X-Men stating that he's "got nothing better to do" and that it "keeps him honest".


Robert "Bobby" Drake is a hot-headed youth with cold-based powers, who is in the throes of puberty, but loyal to the X-Men's cause. He is very fickle, pursuing girls then losing interest and back to being interested again as he has with Rogue. He has a fear of Magneto and is often seen eating or playing video games, often with little compassion or intelligence. He rekindled his relationship with Rogue when her absorbing powers were halted after she permanently absorbed Gambit's powers. They are currently not not in a relationship.


In the World Tour arc , Agent Betsy Braddock was introduced as a Colonel for the British Secret Service. She is a telepath and, judging by her own assertion, the most powerful in England. The "psychoblast" power she possessed in her British form in the "616" universe was manifested as a "psychic grenade" that she "detonated" in the minds of others. She was assigned to aid Xavier in his search for his son, David a powerful mutant who could physically possess the bodies of others and manipulate reality. During the investigation, Betsy was possessed by David, who set about wreaking havoc and killing innocent humans while in her body. She eventually managed to resist his control, albeit briefly, and pleaded with Xavier to kill her. Xavier could not bring himself to do so, but Colossus dropped a car on her, killing both Betsy and David. Betsy's consciousness survived, however, somehow moving into the comatose body of an Asian girl called Kwannon. Kwannon was glad to be able to move on to the afterlife, and willingly gave Betsy her body. This body switch was actually a blessing in disguise, as Betsy had breast cancer which was potentially fatal. She regarded her near-death experience as intensely fascinating. She was recruited by Bishop into his new X Men, after angrily informing Cyclops that he had turned his back on the X-Men and the good they can achieve, after he refused to help a group of mutants being attacked by Sentinels, solely because he thought it would make the Xavier Institute look bad. She now lives in the Mansion as a student, but is not an active member of the team.

Past Members

Bishop (deceased)

Time traveller Lucas Bishop travelled from the future to the present in an attempt to save Charles Xavier from Cable, but failed and is now stuck in he past. Bishop is currently reforming the X-Men with mutants he knows will become legends in the future. He has recruited Storm, Pyro, Dazzler, Angel, Wolverine and Psylocke to his cause. He was later killed by Wolverine when he was discovered to have lied.

Professor X (deceased)

Telepath and telekinetic Charles Xavier is the founder and patron of the X-Men. He is an idealist and a pacifist, but less saintly than his mainstream counterpart. He is the ex-husband of Dr. Moira MacTaggert with which he had a son named David. He has been in relationships with Emma Frost and Mystique. He suffered a spinal injury at the hands of his old friend, Magneto during an escape from his increasingly-militaristic island society, the Savage Land, an injury that left him a paraplegic and confined to a wheelchair. Recently, he has started a business relationship with the mysterious Lilandra, the majestrix of the Church of Shi'ar Enlightement. After Jean Grey is kidnapped by the time-traveling Cable, Professor Xavier reveals to Cyclops that he is in love with her. Professor X is seemingly killed when he dives to protect Cyclops from a bomb that Cable detonates. It is subsequently revealed that he did not die, but was transported to Cable's future.


In Ultimate X-Men #80 Pyro is seen fighting the Friends of Humanity and meeting Nightcrawler. This Pyro was member of the Ultimate Morlocks, and a supporter of Xavier's cause who tells Nightcrawler that he would have liked to have been a member of the X-Men. In issue #82 he is rescued from a Sentinel attack by Bishop and Storm, who recruit him as a member of their new team of X-Men. It is hinted by Bishop that the recruits are "legends" of the future, meaning that Pyro may have much potential. This version of Pyro, unlike his 616 Universe counterpart, can generate flames without the aid of machines. He also isn’t as resistant to fire, as his face is horribly burned and most of his body is bandaged. At one point, he cauterizes a bullet wound by pressing flames against it.

Dazzler (deceased)

Allison "Ali" Blaire, is a tough-as-nails punk rocker with light powers who is heavily pierced and tattooed and wears slashed clothing. She becomes Angel's girlfriend after he takes the blame for something she does. She is stabbed and put into a coma by Yuriko Oyama, a.k.a. Lady Deathstrike. During her recovery, Nightcrawler develops an obsessive crush on her, eventually culminating in him kidnapping her when she awakens. She then leaves the team in disgust when Xavier tries to rehabilitate him. She is seen in the beginning of issue 79 at a bar hearing the news of Xavier's death via T.V. Bishop recruits Dazzler as a member of his new X-Men team. She died during Ultimatum.

Angel (deceased)

Warren Worthington III, is a handsome, shy, winged mutant. He is Dazzler's boyfriend before she is put into a coma. Currently "expelled" from the X-Men, although in reality is spying on Emma Frost for Xavier. Without Bishop's consent, Dazzler has recruited him to be a part of the new X-Men much to Bishop's disdain. He was killed by Sabretooth.

Beast (deceased)

Simian mutant and genius Henry "Hank" McCoy was turned into a blue, furry beast by the insidious Weapon X project. When chatting online to the Blob (pretending to be an interested girl), he accidentally reveals Magneto survived Xavier's earlier attack. He has a troubled romance with Storm until he is killed in a Sentinel attack. It was later revealed that Hank has been alive all this time, secretly working for S.H.I.E.L.D. He was killed during Ultimatum.


Kitty Pryde can walk through walls. She is a young but dedicated X-Man. Like her mainstream counterpart, her devotion to her Jewish faith is evidenced by her everpresent Star of David. In Ultimate Spider-Man Annual #1 she begins dating Peter Parker, better known as Spider-Man. She left the team to live with her mother in Queens, where she is now enrolled in Peter Parker's high school. Her relationship with Peter has ended however, when he and Mary Jane got back together at the end of the Clone Saga.


Marian originally drains lifeforce and memories on skin contact. She is abducted into the Weapon X program under unknown circumstances. Like her mainstream counterpart, she can absorb mutant powers. When she is liberated, she first joins the Brotherhood of Mutant Supremacy, then defects to the X-Men, then leaves the team in the company of Gambit after her boyfriend Bobby Drake, cheats on her with Kitty Pryde. After permanently absorbing his powers during a battle with the Juggernaut (in which Gambit died), she had his red-on-black eyes, seems to have inherited his energy charging powers and seems to be able to touch people without draining their abilities or memories as shown when she and her ex, Iceman, had sex during the "Date Night" arc. Recently, these powers have started to fade, leaving her in her previous absorbing state.

Nightcrawler (deceased)

The Bavarian mutant teleporter Kurt Wagner, is a former Weapon X prisoner. He has a crush on Dazzler, and is resentful that she chose Angel instead of him. Despite his own struggles with being rejected for being different, he is uncomfortable with Colossus' homosexuality and shuns him as a friend. As of Ultimate Annual #2 he is being kept sedated after a failed attempt to kidnap Dazzler. Nightcrawler escapes the sedation after Xavier's "death" and joins the Morlocks as their new leader. He was killed during Ultimatum.


  • Magician, aka Elliot Boggs, has been placed into the mansion's custody by Nick Fury after his mutant powers emerged, apparently killing his family in the process.
  • Syndicate, a pair of mutant Siamese twins act as a covert agent for Xavier.
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