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Talk 616!

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Talk 616!

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Barney Bushkin, Chad, Chet, Chet, J. Jonah Jameson

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Talk 616! was a radio station located in Manhattan. When he was trying to get hold of Spider-Man to alert him of a bank robbery, J. Jonah Jameson stormed into the the station and interrupted a talk show to use its equipment to try to make the audience pass his message to Spider-Man. He began to argue with several callers, which prompted the radio host to give Jameson a segment. Jameson later asked his former rival Barney Bushkin to be his producer.[1] Jameson began to use his show, called Get to Work!, to rectify his years of slander against Spider-Man.[2] This yielded mixed results, since the audience liked Jameson when he used to bash Spider-Man, prompting Jameson's bosses to cut his shift.[3]


  • Get to Work! aired between 6:00 to 11:00 AM,[2] but it was later cut to start at 10:00 AM.[3]
  • Talk 616! is most likely named after Earth-616, the former numeric designation of the Prime Marvel Universe.

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