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Talos was a Skrull military general during the Kree-Skrull War. In order to save his people from extermination, he send a group of non-combatants, including his wife and child, with a renegade Kree scientist Mar-Vell, who was working on a new type of engine that would allow the Skrull refugees to escape the galaxy dominated by the Kree Empire. For security reasons, even Talos did not know their destination, which led to his separation from his family. Eventually, in 1995 he took a Kree Starforce member Vers captive on Torfa, and the probing of her memories revealed that Mar-Vell was working under the name "Doctor Wendy Lawson" on the planet C-53, which Talos and a team of three other Skrulls proceeded to infiltrate.

Following the death of his subordinate at the hands of Nick Fury, Talos assumed the identity of S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Keller and had Fury track down Vers. When Fury contacted Talos, explaining that he was with Vers at the Joint Dark Energy Mission Facility, Talos came to apprehend her, but accidentally blew his cover and was incapacitated by Vers. Talos eventually chased Vers and Fury to the address of Maria Rambeau and negotiated a peaceful deal with them. Vers regained her identity as Carol Danvers and helped Talos reunite with his family on Mar-Vell's laboratory. Danvers's former superior Yon-Rogg arrived and captured Talos and his people, but Talos helped her fight off the Kree and eventually followed her to search the galaxy for a new home for the Skrulls. [2]

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After the snap was reversed and Nick Fury returned to life, Fury retreated to space in a Skrull flagship and had Talos impersonate him in the meantime. During this time, Talos was fooled by Quentin Beck, who pretended to be a interdimensional hero who fought The Elementals. He tried to contact Peter Parker in order to help them, but was ghosted by Parker and forced to recruit him personally. He even advised the hero about why Tony Stark chose him as his successor. After the four Elementals were stopped, he confronted Peter if Stark was mistaken because of the errors Peter had committed. When Mysterio created an illusion where all the Elementals returned and attacked the Tower Bridge, he realized Beck was lying and Spider-Man stopped his plans. Under the advice of Soren, who was impersonating Maria Hill, an embarrassed Talos contacted Fury to tell him the truth, though Fury simply hung up on him.[1]



  • Shapeshifting: Like all Skrulls, Talos is able to shape-shift into any living organisms that he visually perceives. He is also able to replicate their short-term memory.


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