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Tam Anderson was a Genoshan Magistrate, part of the military that enforced the social order that saw the mutant population enslaved as mutates. When Wolverine and Rogue were captured by Genosha's Press Gang, Anderson briefed the Genegineer on the situation.[1]

Anderson would later be one of the Magistrates sent to abduct Storm and the New Mutants, as part of Cameron Hodge's attempt to use Genosha in his plot for revenge against mutantkind.[2] She would later realise that Hodge's plots would only bring ruin to her country, and became an unlikely ally to the X-Men, leading a military coup that saw the Genoshan President overthrown and ended Hodge's influence over the country.[3]

After the fall of the old administration, Anderson continued to serve Genosha during the reconstruction period.[4]

During the Genoshan Civil War, Anderson led the Magistrates in efforts to restore order to the devastated country, and had some success. However, the situation quickly destabilized again, due to the manipulations of the Enclave. Anderson worked with the Fantastic Four to end their interference in her country, eventually sacrificing herself when she unleashed a black hole grenade that consumed her and the Enclave's leader Crucible.[5]



No more or less power than that of a highly trained operative of the military


Typical military training, including multi-ple firearms experience and typical CQC (close quarters combat) skills.


Typical human weaknesses to that of a trained soldier



Standard military grade firearms


MercWorx Standard Combat Machete. SIG 556 Combat Rifle. Beretta 92FS. Heckler & Koch MP5 Sub Machine Gun. Milkor MGL Mk.1 Grenade Launcher. Heckler & Koch PSG-1 Sniper Rifle. Ithaca M37 standard pump-action shotgun. Protecta Bulldog "Street Sweeper" rotary cylinder shotgun.


Standard military grade transport


  • Being the leader of the Magistrates, protection of the citizenry was Anderson's top priority, but she was also one of the few former Genoshan leaders to support the new government after the X-Tinction Agenda which resulted in the fall of the old government. Her feelings toward mutants are lukewarm, at best, though she holds no notions of racism toward the mutant community.
  • She is shown to be heavily battle hardened and well respected within the leadership of the Genoshan Government. Her athletic prowess was commendable considering her military training. In spite of her gruff, often times invulnerable exterior, she is shown to be very attractive even when on active duty. Her personal life outside of her military career has been kept respectfully private.
  • Anderson is also believed that she is highly spiritual, though keeping her beliefs mostly to herself. Though she hasn't proclaimed worship of any particular religion, it may be noted that she is either Buddhist, Catholic or an initiate of the Bahá'í Faith.

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