Tamara Kurtz was born a mutant following her parents exposure to fallout from the nuclear detonation over Hiroshima. She was recruited by Stryfe into the Mutant Liberation Front. On one mission, she and her teammates Sumo and Kamikaze were sent to Madripoor in order to oversee the distribution of a drug designed to contaminate the world's water supply. She was opposed in this mission by the New Mutants led by Cable, Sunfire and Wolverine. Following the apparent death of Stryfe, the MLF continued under the leadership of Wildside, with whom Kurtz had a romantic involvement. She was eventually captured while opposing Operation: Zero Tolerance and placed in the custody of SHIELD.

She was seen helping to escape Toad and Trance during the riot in L.A.

With Dragoness, Litterbug and Bliss, Toad tried to seize control of the Utopia water supply but they were all stopped by Iceman


Known Powers: Able to generate and store bio-electricity which can either be released as blasts or used to create pyrotechnic flares.

Strength level

Normal human female with regular exercise.


Formerly possessed a pair of bionic wings.


Flight using her bionic wings, teleportation by Zero, various MLF vehicles.

In House of M, Dragoness apparently had organic wings.

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