Quote1 Once, in the half-forgotten past, you and I had met, as foes! But now, the lips of Tana Nile proclaim that mighty Thor is the noblest one of all! Quote2
-- Tana Nile src

Tana Nile

Tana Nile was a colonizer from the planet Rigel-3 who tried to take over the Earth for colonization by her race. She was called back from her mission when Thor saved Rigel from the threat of the Black Galaxy.[1]

Years later, Tana Nile spoke against her race's rampant interstellar colonization and was branded a traitor by her own fiancee, the Grand Commissioner. She fled in hopes to rendezvous with one of Earth's premier superhero teams, but unfortunately arrived during the aftermath of Onslaught.[2]

She instead found herself amongst Generation X's junior wards, Artie Maddicks, Leech, and Franklin Richards, as well as fellow wayward traveler, Howard the Duck. When Black Tom Cassidy attacked Xavier's Massachusetts Academy, the group was saved by Man-Thing, transported to the nexus of all realities.[3]

After she joined the Graces, she was caught in the onslaught of the Annihilation Wave and was presumed dead.[4]


  • Rigellian Physiology: Tana Nile has the ability to increase her own density at will, increasing her strength and resistance to physical injury to superhuman levels.
    • Telepathy: She has the psionic ability to control the mind of another humanoid or to override another humanoid's control of his or her voluntary muscles.

She was stated to be a potential "City" level threat.[5]


  • Rigellian Armor: She also wears a specialized armor which can change her body and clothing in order to help Tana disguise herself.


  • Stasis Gun: A weapon that can project concussive energy or intense heat.
  • Solar Beam Communicator: A device, worn on her wrist, permitting instantaneous communication between planets via hyperspace.
  • Tana Nile may have actually survived the Annihilation Wave as Thor believed her to possibly be the All-New Thor.[6]

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