Tanak Valt was one of the founders of the Nova Corps and was its high commander for several years. He married Adora, queen of Xandar. Both died when the world-conquering Nebula wiped out Xandar's population. Adora was later resurrected [1] but was later killed again.

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Tanak Valt rose to the position of Nova Prime after Richard Rider gave up the position to return to Earth after Xandar's war with the Skrulls.[2]

Following his ascension to Nova Prime, Xandar was attacked by Nebula who claimed that Xandar was in their flight path and senselessly destroyed it. Tanak Vault led both the Nova Corps and the Champions against her, but failed resulting in the deaths of many Novas and all the Champions.[3] Following his death, there were no more Nova Primes--which his wife, Adora, assumed leadership of Nova Corps alongside political leadership of Xandar--until the corps was rebuilt following the events of Annihilation. Although many Xandarians were revived, he was not among them for unknown reasons that left widow to reminisce about him in emotional moments[4].


Superhuman strength, endurance and resistance to injury. Flight.


Skilled warrior and space pilot.

Strength level

Superhuman (able to press 2 tons)

The insignia on his helmet implies he was a Millennian.

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