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R'Klll impersonating Tanalth

Tanalth was a soldier of the Kree Empire. At an unknown point of time before the destruction of Tarnax IV, she was captured by the Skrull Empire and ultimately died in their dungeons, with her shape being kept on file. A long time after Tanalth's death, Skrull scientists used Power Skrull technology to give her shape to Empress R'Klll, allowing her to mimic Tanalth's strength and speed. Later, they used experimental technology (based on Shi'ar Image Inducers) to mask R'Klll's Skrullian DNA with Tanalth's Kree DNA, which allowed her to evade even the strongest of Kree scans. As Tanalth, R'Klll infiltrated the Kree Empire and claimed that she had escaped after a fight. She eventually became a Pursuer after helping the Kree by passing on the secrets of the Skrull Empire, and rose to become the leader of the Kree Imperium amidst the civil war with the Utopian Kree faction led by the Supreme Intelligence.[1]

R'Klll (still disguised as Tanalth) and Kl'rt, leader of the Skrull Empire, decided to merge their empires, especially after the increasing Cotati attacks. They found a ruler to unite them in Teddy Altman, who agreed to take up the throne of the united empires - merged into the Alliance.[2] Captain Glory, however, discovered she was actually a Skrull and R'Klll finally unmasked herself upon being confronted. He pretended to go along with her plans of using her grandson Teddy so he could betray her after the Cotati had been defeated. Jo-Venn and N'Kalla's memories of being the only ones who shared a common experience of constantly fighting each other, but fighting together to free themselves, caused him to develop guilt. He soon revealed that R'Klll was pretending to be Teddy as well as Tanalth.[3] After being defeated, she admitted she was pretending to be Tanalth ever since destruction of Tarnax IV.[1]


Kree Physiology:

  • Superhuman Durability: The Kree are very durable, while not bulletproof they are still fully capable of effortlessly shrugging off hits from beings as powerful as Captain America and are presumed to be capable of surviving much stronger hits.
  • Superhuman Endurance: A Kree warrior has twice the endurance of a human with similar training.
  • Superhuman Stamina: A Kree warrior has twice the stamina of a human with similar training.
  • Superhuman Strength: A Kree warrior has twice the strength of a human of a similar age, height, and build.

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