Tanalth was one of the best members of the Kree Pursuer Corps. After the death of Korath, she became the new leader of the Pursuers.

In the wake of the Galactic Council's fight against the Builders along with the Avengers, the Supreme Intelligence saw other galactic empires were growing, and fast. He tasked Tanalth with the recovery of a powerful Kree artifact which had been lost on Earth since World War II. Those responsible for its fracture into three pieces and further disappearance were the heroes Human Torch, Bucky Barnes and Namor.[1]

After recovering two of the three pieces, Tanalth confronted the Human Torch in Blaketon. Using a special machine, she recovered the information of the location from him. The Torch kept fighting Tanalth, and was almost killed, until Captain America and the Winter Soldier arrived.[2]

Tanalth fought them until she was alerted that, based on the information recovered from the Human Torch, the final part of the Gods' Whisperer had been recovered, for which she left the scene.[3]

When the reformed Invaders arrived at Hala in order to rescue Namor and stop the Kree from using the Gods' Whisperer, the Pursuer Corps ambushed the heroes[4] and captured them and observed as the Supreme Intelligence forced them to fight Ikaris until she realized the Winter Soldier had fled the scene.[5] Tanalth pinned down the Winter Soldier and proceeded to chase him across Hala. Unbeknownst to her, the Winter Soldier was merely distracting her as the rest of the Invaders subdued the Pursuer Corps and the Intelligence, the latter being deactivated by a virus downloaded into his computer by Captain America. When the Winter Soldier brought Tanalth back to the place of the fight, she was forced to help the Invaders recover the Gods' Whisperer so the Supreme Intelligence would be brought back by Cap. The Vision had already found the Whisperer, and Tanalth was forced to watch as the Invaders returned to Earth.[6]

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