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Origins and early years

Tanaraq was one of the Great Beast from the Realm of the Beasts.[citation needed]

1,000 AD

Circa 1,000 AD, Tanaraq joined a team of supernatural and mystically empowered beings consisting of Thor Odinson, a Native American Ghost Rider, Bodolf the Black, an Atlantean princess bearing the Iron Fist, an elderly woman indwelled by the Phoenix Force, and Nehanda the Black Panther.[2][3] By doing so, Tanaraq was the second of his kind to cross over into the human world.[citation needed]

Modern Age

When Walter Langkowski attempted to flood his body with gamma radiation to become a being similar to the Hulk, his experiment broke though an ancient mystical barrier which was discovered by Tanaraq. The experiment formed a symbiotic relationship between Walter and Tanaraq. Whenever Walter turned into his Sasquatch form, he was actually trading places with Tanaraq. Eventually, Tanaraq was able to take control of his body in this realm. Snowbird realized this and attacked Tanaraq, slaying him, stranding Walter's soul in the Realm of the Beasts until Alpha Flight recovered it.[citation needed]



Tanaraq is an other-dimensional being of incredible strength. He is comparable to Sasquatch at his original sasquatch form while at his peak, his strength level is class 100.[citation needed]



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