Tandy Snow was a reporter for the London Times who attended the press conference of Ka-Zar who had returned to London to find a geologist who could help him investigate a madness seizing the inhabitants of the Savage Land. The press conference was attacked by Klaw and Tandy was injured.[1] When Ka-Zar visited her in the hospital, she introduced him to Kirk Marston, a scientist who offered to inspect the Vibranium in the Savage Land. Tandy organized a plane (paid for by her newspaper) to travel to the Savage Land, expecting the story of her lifetime. Arriving there, they found that the Savage Land had been invaded by the Sheenarians.[2] After they had defeated their initial invasion force, Snow accompanied Ka-Zar when he traveled to their home dimension to prevent further incursions.[3]

There, Tandy was discovered by the Quarlians, who believed her to be the object of an ancient prophesy, brainwashed her and made her their queen, Tandylla. When the Quarlians captured Ka-Zar, Tandy demanded that he become her King, which he refused.[4] She then sentenced him to death in the arena, but he managed to escape.[5]


  • Tandy was a capable hand to hand fighter. Even though she had only taken a few jiu-jitsu classes, she managed to hold her own in combat against Sheenarian and Quarlian soldiers.

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