Quote1.png Magnificent, isn't it? Every major hero, including many rare and unique ones, most in mint condition! Quote2.png
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The Collector attempted to collect every major hero of Earth except for Hulk and Spider-Man, who he viewed as unfit for his collection, after receiving altered information from J. Jonah Jameson. In the end, he was stopped by Spider-Man and Hulk, who rescued the captive heroes. Now recognizing the two as heroes, the Collector vows to attempts to collect them next time.[1].

The Collector had abducted the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. and the Guardians of the Galaxy and imprisoned the two teams on his ship within a hologram simulation of their greatest wishes, both teams were able to escape for he had mistaken Rocket for an ordinary Raccoon. Taneleer tries to prevent them from escaping while they attempt to take back the Orb of Truth from him. He was able to trap them again but Hulk was able to free them, so he threatens to wipe their minds. As the Collector battles both teams, they use his very own machine in tandem with the Orb of Truth to rewrite his mind, Taneleer now sees the truth of his own obsession and greed, he then decides to set the heroes free and returns every other living being in his collection back to their home worlds.[2]

Later on, his brother, the Grandmaster, arrives to play a game with him as both are collectors. He chooses the heroes of Earth as his players while his brother picks the villains. Spider-Man assists him throughout the game. In one match, Spider-Man sneaks outside the game platform and frees the citizens of New York while destroying Grandmaster's ship in the process. When he returns, he finds a demotivated Grandmaster, who had lost the match against his brother. Later on, Spider-Man convinces him to challenge his brother although it takes him several tries before it succeeds, as he believed that whatever he did, he would be unable to beat the Grandmaster. He and Spider-Man defeat the Grandmaster and destroys his staff in a match Spider-Man created. As a result of Spider-Man's actions, he promised not to collect from Earth anymore and decided to give up collecting beings, instead looking for collections of relationships and experiences. When his brother demands a rematch, he simply tells him no and teleports himself and his brother onto his ship. [3]


Seemingly those of the Taneleer Tivan of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Taneleer Tivan of Earth-616.

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