Taneleer Tivan is one of the Elders of the Universe in Reality-1815, a group of some of the oldest living beings in the universe that are driven my their obsessions. Taneleer's obsession with collecting rare and interesting creatures and items from all over the universe earned him the name "The Collector".

During World War II, the Collector and his fellow Elder the Grandmaster both became aware of the planet Earth and its high numbers of super-powered beings. The Collector sought to make these super-humans part of his collection; however, the Grandmaster placed a wager with the Collector. The Grandmaster bet that normal humans' fear of their super-powered brethren would ultimately lead to normal humans either imprisoning or eliminating their super humans. This wager came to fruition in the modern era when the governments of Earth enacted Operation: Zero Tolerance and did just as the Grandmaster predicted.[1]. However, the captured super-humans were soon freed by the reality hopping Exiles on their first mission.[2], winning the bet against the Grandmaster.[1]

It is unknown what the conditions of their bet were, and if the Collector will carry out his collecting of super-humans on Earth-1815 remains to be seen.


The full extent of the Collectors powers on Earth-1815 are unrevealed; he likely has the same cosmic level abilities as his Earth-616 counterpart.

  • The Collector on Earth-1815 looks slightly different than his Earth-616 counterpart's more typical elderly form. The Collector on Earth-1815 looks slightly younger and has brown hair.

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