Three billion years ago, a young Taneleer Tivan went on a exploration trip with his daughter Carina and his fellow Elder of the Universe En Dwi Gast. After passing through a storm between realities, Taneleer and En Dwi found a "nexus realm" abundant in ISO-8, crystals theorized to be all that remained from the cataclysm that destroyed their universe. Using their spaceship's equipment, they traced the quantum footprint left by the crystals to an apparently dead Celestial fused to the core of a planet.

When Carina landed on the planet's surface to collect a sample of ISO-8, Taneleer ended up being separated from En Dwi by the planet's explosion.[1]

Contest of Champions

The Collector manipulated the Summoner into competing in the Contest of Champions.


Seemingly those of his Prime Marvel Universe counterpart.



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  1. Marvel Contest of Champions; "The Young Elders' Tale"

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