Quote1 There's this...thing named Taneleer Tivan. He collected young, powerful beings from across the cosmos, and held us in his Cosmic Conservatory. He called it a school, but it was more like a museum. Or a prison... Quote2
-- Gamora src

The Collector was the headmaster of the Cosmic Conservatory, he collected students from around the Universe and made them students of his Conservatory.

While investigating the Cosmic Conservatory Captain Marvel found out that Nick Fury and the Collector were actually working together. She confronted Fury about him and why the Collector was imprisoning them there, Fury told her the Collector was actually protecting them by keeping them there.

She went to back to the Conservatory to try and find the Collector, but she was only able to find some powerful beings and had to escape, mentioning that they would need a big army if they wanted to beat them.

Collecting the Infinity Gauntlet

The Collector allied himself with the Priestesses of the Sovereign to retrieve the Infinity Gauntlet that was in Nick Fury possession. True to his name, when the Collector arrived at the Avengers Academy, he broke the deal he had with Ayesha and tried to collect the Gauntlet for his personal collection, he was met with the Guardians of the Galaxy who had just come back from a scouting mission, and ended up being defeated by the heroes.[1]


Seemingly those of the Taneleer Tivan of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Taneleer Tivan of Earth-616.

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