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Deathstroke was ordered to kill David Ishima after David discovered that a building under construction had secret room within it, which a Yakuza gang planned to use as its base. Deathstroke's Terminators captured David as well as his girlfriend Jessica Drew aka Spider-Woman. David and Drew were taken to the building where Deathstroke planned to kill them, but Drew unleashed her bio-electric powers as a distraction, allowing her to escape. She then changed into her Spider-Woman costume and rescue David. David and Drew quickly defeated Deathstroke's minions, forcing Deathstroke to fight Drew himself. Whiel Deathstroke had superior fighting skills, Drew's superhuman abilities allowed her to knock Deathstroke out in one punch.[1]

Deathstroke later turned up as one of three applicants applying for an open position on the Red Skull's Skeleton Crew. He competed against Cutthroat and the Mangler. Skull escorted the three applicants to a room and told them that they had to fight to the death in order to get the job. Deathstroke injured both opponents with shuriken, but Cutthroat quickly recovered and killed Deathstroke.[2]

Powers and Abilities




skilled combantant

Physical Strength

Peak Human



Shuriken, energy blade


  • Not to be confused with the DC Comics supervillain Deathstroke, who Tani is apparently based on.

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