A shaman's daughter, Tania was wife to Turghol the Khitan and mother of his children. Lured to possess the Blood of Bel-Hissar, she accidentally set their entire village ablaze while attempting to steal the jewel. She then met Conan in the Turanian camp where the survivors were brought in, and helped the Cimmerian escape and free the rest of the prisoners. As she told the truth to Turghol, he attempted to murder himself to expunge the curse[1].
When the Cimmerian returned to the Kozak camp with Gonar and Red Sonja, Tania informed that his husband sign-tongued that he was suspecting Conan's identity[2].
When Turghol, Fafnir and Zula were supposed to be dead and about to be burned, Tania managed to pick the mirror containing the three souls and get his husband up out of the fire[3].


None, human.

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