Tanir was a cro-magnon hunter living on the prehistorical earth around 50,000 B.C. one day while hunting he spotted the young Tuk attacked by a pair of Goreks, using his arrow he killed one of the Goreks and after that he used a wine to save the lad from a snake that was lurking him. Tuk was surprised to find another hairless man, as before that day he didn't knew anyone but himself. Tanir was impressed by the eyes of Tuk who showed no fear. Tuk told Tanir his story and how he was the son of a man exiled from the city of Attilan and how he was trying to return to his land and avenge his father; Tanir being a natural born figther felt envy about the quest of Tuk and he decided to become his companion and using his archery abilities to aid him in his battle.[1]

In their travels, the duo would save some humans from the savage Hairy Ones and continue on through the Valley of the Mists. There they would succumb to the mists anesthetic properties and become prisoners of the Witches of Endor. Breaking free, they would slay the witches and rescue Princess Eve, ruler of Atlantis, she would convince Tuk and Tanir to aid her in freeing her kingdom from the rule of her evil uncle for forced her into exile[2]. Tuk and Tanir would accompany Princess Eve into Atlantis where they would fight off the armies unleashed by the evil ruler. Despite the vision of his Soothsayer, the evil ruler would be disposed of by Princess Eve. She would offer Tuk and Tanir a home in Atlantis, however they would decline deciding to carry onward to find Attilan[3].

On their further travels they would save a woman named Eve and her baby from the evil Bonzo and his tribe of savages. While Tuk would bring the woman to safety Tuk would attempt to break up Bonzo's tribe internally by offering them the secret to his bow and arrow[4]. Bonzo would not be so easily convinced of Tanir's loyalty and command him to slay Tuk. However, Tuk would direct a herd of stampeding elephants into his tribe, sending them to flee. Without his minions to protect him, Bonzo would meet his end at the hands of Tuk's bow[5].


Tanir was an expert archer.


Bow and Arrow

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